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Mid to late June update…

Time is flying by and July will soon be upon us!  Fishing has been good even with some hot weather and May flies.  Much better here on the lake than stuck in the big city, for sure!  Here’s a few photos to let you know what’s been happening here at the lodge.

Jen Sturmo with a very nice 27 1/2 inch released walleye.

Young Joe Westerman wins a lure at the fishfry for catching his first walleye, northern and musky all on the same day!

Invited to shorelunch courtesy of Cal Ritchie’s Eagle Lake Guide Service. How come I’m doing all the work?

51 incher..congratulations!

Head flower person and baking person…..Susanne’s mom, Gerda

Potato man Steve Lueck.

53 inch musky caught on a jig and walleye!

Apparently the bait you need to catch a 53 incher!

Even Manitoban’s can catch walleye. George Benger is impressed with himself!

The view as it stands right now…..pretty darn good!

Nice to see these again. Cow and calf down in Blind Bay.

It looks like temperatures are heating up south of the border.  If you want to escape and experience some Eagle Lake relaxation I’ve had a cancellation for June 30 to July 7 (one cabin) and July 7 to 14 (one cabin).  Things are booked up till the end of August so give me a call and we’ll work out a last minute deal!!!

July 1st…Canada Day

Have a good one!

May 26 to June 3…….fishing update.

Second week of the season and all is well.  A rather quiet week with just the Kaehr and Grohnke group but the fishing was great.  Begs the question “What are you waiting for?”.  Some of the best fishing of the year.  Put it on your calendar for next year!  Thanks for the pictures…. Full camp coming up….now the fun begins!

Clearwater trout

Opening update

Just a quick photo update on opening week.  Early season big trout action was “on” for most of the week…..some good walleye and pike as well.  Bill and Andryea did the Clearwater portage and had the lake to themselves (the advantage of low water!).   Ed Sutfin scored three big trout in one day on VBay…..36 inches being the biggest.  Cabin 4 is looking good with just some finishing touches needed in the porch.

Here’s what I’m talking about!…

First trout of the season….Mary L. and a 32 inch chilly release on opening day!


Bill looking good!


Andryea and a nice walleye.

Clearwater laker

And another…

….plus some pike.

Ed with a big Eagle Lake bruiser1

Cabin 4 interior is looking good…

…and a bigger bedroom…

Click on the following “video” link to see what happens when you have a rookie guide…!


Ice Out Contest Winner!

May 7, 2018 is the official “ice out” for Vermilion Bay on Eagle Lake.  Congratulations to BOB SWANSON for guessing the winning date.  Bob was actually the first person to send in a guess, and the only one to pick May 7.  In an interesting twist, the last person to guess was Dustin Kaehr who was last year’s winner….picking May 6th……oh, so close!   Here’s the official document….

Here’s the view from VBL as of today…

Thanks to everyone for participating.  If you had asked me a month ago when the ice was going out I would never have believed it would go so fast.  Buds are starting to open and the annual spring emergence of the flying ants has started today.  Water levels are still low and things look pretty dry.  Here’s some shots from today.  The unwrapping of the deck musky…


Ice Out Report, May 6, 2018…”Is the contest rigged?”

Some strong winds on Friday really dealt a blow to the ice out in front of the lodge.  This picture from yesterday shows lots of open water developing.  Here’s what I see this morning (standing in my underwear on the lodge deck)…

Still lots of ice out there but we are getting close to revealing a winner.  Now there has once again been some rumblings from past losers that the contest is rigged in some fashion.  These bitter individuals (see photo later in post) are to be pitied, but as usual, we here at VBL will take the high road and once again spell out the process.  Guesses are recorded on the master sheet as they come in (remember first come first served).  If you pick a date that someone else already has well too bad for you.  Here is what I go by  (note: dates and names have been altered to preserve contest integrity)…

Now that the “controversy” has been put to bed here’s some photos updating the progress on cabin 4 and spring in general…

…and as promised, some of our more unsavory guests….

The famous Mc Louey fish sandwich.

Proper portage attire to fend off bugs

Brad Walker. He never could handle his booze!

Ice Out Report, April 29, 2018….

Progress has been made.  Here’s some photos of ice conditions today…

One thing I’ve noticed is the dramatic low water levels right now.  Check out the following picture.  Hopefully we get some rain soon to bring things up a bit.

Here’s a few more photos from some activities earlier in the week.  Doing the final set up of portage lake boats…..

Here’s the cabin varnishing expert working hard in cabin 4…

One final upgrade which should make portage trail travel much easier…..upgraded signage!

Left turn signal.