John and Jim were at VBL doing their annual “quest for the big buck”.  This year was a big one with two very fine bucks taken (personal bests)…a big bodied 9 pointer and a large 11 pointer.

The 9 pointer was a bit of an adventure….culminating in some “on the water” action….

Now, the point of this blog post isn’t really about deer hunting per say.  We are mostly about fishing at VBL but many of our guests take an interest in hunting and what else happens in this neck of the woods.  Back in November of 2014 I had another post that involved a similar deer hunt (where I believe John was more successful).  It also had a connection to 1967 which makes this a fiftieth anniversary of sorts.  As this is our (as in Gord and Susanne and VBL) 25th  year of operation I find the connection uncanny.  Read this back issue and see if you come to the same conclusion.  Click here.

So now as 2017 slowly comes to a close, cabin 4 is in the midst of a major renovation, a couple of nice bucks have been taken, and as thoughts turn once again to next season and some serious fishing, relaxing and unwinding…….one thing remains a constant.  The old green sewer pump lives on…doing it’s thankless job.  As Susanne and I move into our 26th season I salute you “green pump”…..may you always be with us in our travels ahead~!


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