Did someone say Spring is coming?

Well, that is the rumor.  Here’s some visual evidence as to the extent of ice out in our region.  Let’s just say it is perfect conditions to get back into the portage lakes to do some repairs and resupply.

The old Polaris makes it back into McGregor lake.

Always good to have a generator along should you wish to blend up some cocktails.

New seat bases guaranteed to not buckle under load.

Terry anxiously awaits spring fishing.  Note the security device re: bung hole

Goodbye MacGregor….see you in a month!

Clearwater boats up and ready for trout fishing.

The saga of the winch continues. I have an idea to make this more stable….we’ll see…

So there you have it…

I have one more trip to make back into the portage lakes for some final additions.  I will report back on the changes then.  In the meanwhile should you wish to make a guess it’s not too late to contact Gord with your thoughtful prediction.

Reminder:  No, you can’t change your prediction once you’ve submitted it!

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  • Andy says:

    Things are looking very good except for that winch. I suspect it needs to be lag bolted to the tree and squared off on the side for handle clearance. However, I know this is an annual tradition that brings you much enjoyment. Did you put the weight limit stickers on the seats?

  • Gord says:

    In most cases the requirements of actually walking a portage trail keeps the larger folk away. Let’s hope for the best!

  • Jim stanzel says:

    Looks good. Just do not let the perch master near those boats.

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