It’s April 22, and things are looking “spring-like”!  Before we get to current conditions let us review a bit of what happened last week.  Finally made the last trip into the portage lakes…

Otter Lake transport boat with the vintage Evinrude.

A new prop and some gas should make the old lady run better!

Clearwater Lake boats getting an upgrade of new fish locators!

So back to today.  Not sure I would want to be running over the lake now, but here’s some current ice conditions from VBL…

Aside from the slowly melting ice some may ask the question “what else is going on?”

Here’s a glimpse of renovations underway in cabin 6…

Tongue and groove pine done, now ceiling and flooring next…..

For those last minute stragglers who have yet to enter an ice out guess, now is your chance!  Let Gord know what your prediction is soon!

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  • Teal River says:

    Won’t be long. Cabin 6 is looking good.

  • PjShorthorn says:

    Gord, on my way out of Caribou this year I will be borrowing that old Evinrude and taking it home to display next to my 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3 hp motor. If I’m correct, I believe that Evinrude is 1950ish. I love that old motor….she is a beaut.

    I need some sort of present this year since I sure won’t be winning the ice out contest…LOL.


  • Greg says:

    Nice work on Cabin 6

  • Paul Triplett says:

    May?? (edited by Gord for secrecy!)

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