Late today, May 8 2019, the ice was officially “gone” from Vermilion Bay…

Sunset over Strawberry Island. The bay is ice free!

Now, I know several people have been celebrating their “win”, but as in life reality will win out in the end.  Sorry, but if you didn’t guess May 8th then better luck next year.

Announcing this year’s winner:  Now I’m sure this individual spent much time researching his prediction, and the results are now obvious.  Congratulations to Jim Kalitowski from the big smoke of Minneapolis, MN!  Close second were the following individuals:

  • May 7…Terry Wessel
  • May 7…Paul Baker
  • May 7…Paul Triplett
  • May 9…Andy Lewis
  • May 9…Keith Mitchell

Congratulations to all those who participated!  I think this was the biggest number of people taking part.  Interesting that the first three guesses I received were for April 29 (a total of 5 guesses for that date alone).  I will say Jim’s winning guess was the only one for that date.  Research?  Good luck?  Bullshit?  You be the judge…

Several posts ago I ran a bit of a contest to identify 4 species of waterfowl shown in a picture.  The winner was Jeff Rheau with the correct guess of  Swan, Blue Heron, Mallard and Merganser.  A coffee mug awaits you as well as Andy Lewis who was the only one to identify the swan as a Tundra Swan.

To wrap things up here’s a picture of some siding stain going on by new camp guy Hugh “G. Rection”.  You will be seeing a lot of him this summer.  Also a few gratuitous early spring fish pictures from past springs……to wet your appetites!

New siding getting some final touches by Hugh.


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