The 14th annual Walleye Madness week was one of the highlights of the past week.  Specifically, the contest ran 3 days with the biggest walleye released being crowned the winner.  There were plenty of walleye being caught…

3rd place Mark Erdman with a 25 inch walleye

2nd place Scott Wesling (Weasel) with a 25 1/4″ walleye

1st place winner Ed Theres with a 27″ beauty!

In the “other” division (non-walleye) we had a couple of significant entries…

2nd place Len Belpedio with a 41″ musky…

1st place with his first musky was Andy Bushman with a 42″ fish

Speaking of musky, they have been particularly active.  Shown here is Cory Meyer with a good one day catch of three nice fish (38, 40 & 42)…

Cory’s son Alex also had some luck with musky…43 1/2 inches!

It was an enjoyable week with a lot of great guests, some fine weather and good fishing opportunities.  Here’s some of the kids in action…

By the way, if you haven’t had the chance to attend a walleye madness, one of the highlights is the awards night / pot luck dinner.  It was another outstanding meal thanks to our guests..

We hope to see you next year July 18-25 for the 15th annual Walleye Madness!

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  • Andy says:

    If the Professor and I had not received a lifetime ban from the wallaye madness tournament, we would be back. Like most VBL tournaments, there are a few things that raise lots of questions. First, Len doesnt look like he had enough sun to actually catch a musky. And while indeed it does look like a completely different fish, how did Cory manage to pose a reverse image on the exact same spot on the lake? Finally, Kurt would like an update on the the coveted Perch Rodeo tournament. Lots of questions, so few answers. We cant wait for the Pike Palooza tournament the third week in August.

    • Gord says:

      Yes, back in the day the professors were a lively bunch. Now, approaching their senior years, the big thrill is all about who has the largest bottom bouncer. A return triumphal visit during Walleye Madness 2020 would be a humbling experience….

      Perch Rodeo update: Nothing over 11 1/2 inches yet.

      • Professor says:

        Gord…Are you saying that you will lift the “lifetime WMT ban” that VBL imposed upon Andy and I? We are still rather upset about that, Andy more than myself, and I’m fuming. I’m not sure that you could get him back, even if you were to offer a heartfelt apology, a shiny new VBL mug and a dozen crawlers.

  • Len Belpedio says:

    Andy; I di the best I could given the weather 🙂 . Are you and Joe coming back up in September?

    • Professor says:

      Len…Andy and I have missed you. Yes, we will be back the last week of September. If you happen to be at VBL then, can we count on you to regale us with stories about how President Trump has made America great again?

  • Len says:

    Politics at VBL?!?! I have never heard of anything like this:).

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