The walleye bite continues to be good in the shallows as the mayfly hatch ends.   Most guests have been trolling crankbaits with good success.  The jig and minnow folk are also doing well, especially in the evening when the fish move into some of the nearby weed beds.  Not sure what is happening on some of the deeper structure but likely this will be turning on soon.  Bass have still been cooperative as well as a few medium sized musky.  The young fellas that were here this week had several personal bests in terms of size and species.  Here’s a few pictures from the past week……..

The past few days have been incredibly smoky with wind bringing down the smoke from forest fires further north.  You know it’s smoky when you can’t see past Gull Rock!

Orange haze over Eagle Lake.

How is this week’s fishing shaping up?  Well, here’s Matt Haggart with two nice over the slot walleye from this morning!

A few bonus shots…

The boards are filling up fast!


The Sunday night fish fry…a highlight of the week.


When your fishing partners just can’t take the excitement!


Past “Dock Master” Bryce pays us a visit with girlfriend Alysa


An addition to my fleet….a 73 Beetle with 25,000 miles on it.  Presently sitting in my brother in laws garage in southern Ontario.  Need to get it up here this summer.  Wondering why I bought a Beetle?  Had one when I was 18….it was a 74….paid $2995.00, brand new!

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  • Andy says:

    Sweet Beetle, and nice to see Bryce is doing well. It also brings a smile to my face to see that the seats are still attached on the portage boat. That is a rare sight.

  • Scott says:

    Thats so cool! Worked for VW for a few years (body/fender) then went to Mecedez to work. Before I left I bought a Super beetle in 73 with curve windshield. Also paid $2995. I also had a VW Camper van (1969) and a reg VW beetle (year? 69 can remember but first car I ever owned) with auto trans., The van was awesome with a pop up that went straight up….not an angle. As a kid I used the S*$T out of that at $.33 a gallon. Daytona beach to Saskatchewan. I knew VW’s like the back of my hand. Can’t wait to get up the at your awesome lodge. Got 6 guys first week. 5 the next. Love cabin 4 ! Great job on the rebuild
    The 1971-1972 Super Beetles (AKA the 1302) used the same flat front glass as the Standard Beetle. The curved front windshield was first introduced to the 1973 Super Beetle* (AKA the 1303). This glass was used in both the Super Beetle Sedan and Convertible until the end of production.

  • Ric Piasecki says:

    Thanx for the fish pix

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