Well, May is behind us with some interesting fishing come and gone.  It’s been a big trout opener with cold, cold spring temperatures.  Not everything is prime though.  The walleye seem to lack much of a pattern and have been tough.  Enough talk though, here’s some photo evidence of what has been going on here.

Some of the best action has come off the portage lakes, but warming temperatures look promising for this week on Eagle.  Here’s a look at the lodge and for those who wondered how the cabin 6 renovation turned out.

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  • Andy says:

    Nice job on the wood boat! But what is up with the row boat on Otter? I thought you were putting a 90 h.p. On that boat?

  • Dustin says:

    I’m going to assume operator error!

  • Brad says:

    The rightful home for the mighty Johnson would be for display in the lodge. Or one may send it to it’s grave in the middle of otter. Gord you can choose! Thanks for a great week!!!

    • Professor says:

      The motor on Otter degrades the entire VBL back country experience for everyone, except Dustin, who has managed to tame that decrepit Johnson. Retire the motor, repair the oar locks, and all will be well.

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