The past week could be characterized by gusty winds, rain and cool temperatures.  The fireplace in the lodge has been fired up and it sure feels like fall is here.  The Hamm family from Manitoba made the best of it on their first trip to VBL…

As you can see it wasn’t all bad in terms of weather.  Even so, the walleye were cooperative.

Something Unusual…

Randy Edwards may have his name in the record book as the first angler to catch a crappie on Eagle Lake.  Not sure if this is a good thing, and it seems by the size of the fish (13 inches) it was likely transplanted to the lake by some misguided (I have another descriptor, but will not use it here) angler.  What does it mean going forward?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

We reported in the last blog that the boat on McGregor was out of commission due to motor issues.  Well, Hugh and I made the trip back to swap out the motor and tank with a replacement…….

Hugh G. on the verge of having a stroke after carrying gas cans over the portage trail.

My thoughts on those who used the boat but didn’t put the lock back on or tie up the boat….this is what it should look like when you are done! If the boat was tied to shore we wouldn’t have to do these rescue missions!!!

On the ramp, and tied to shore….ready to go for the next adventurous anglers.

Thanks to Bob  Wilson for entertaining us at the Sunday night fish fry!

Still time left to hit the lake…….


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  • Andy says:

    Gord, this makes me very Happy! I cant wait to use the portage boats this month with Joe! Lazy, sloppy guests have no place at VBL. Oh wait, that includes me.

    Thank you Hugh and Gord!

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