Here’s a few shots of what is happening at 5:00 p.m. on April 20th.

A drastic change has occurred with a bit of wind from the north.  What ice remains is moving south……along with my swimming raft!  Time to throw a boat in the water and go on a rescue mission.

Say, what is this I spy down by the docks!  No, not a beaver……

Good for you for correctly guessing a “musky”.  Note the white scar on the head…  Now off to rescue the raft.

All’s well that ends well.  What will tomorrow bring?  Ice out??  Stay tuned….

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  • Teal River says:

    Dang, I knew it would go out early, just not THIS early. Great shot of Ms. Muskie!

  • Dustin Kaehr says:

    I’m looking forward you calling “Ice Out” on April 21!

    Wishing it wasn’t quite so early, but I know those Lakers will still be up in May…water can’t warm up that much!

  • Kurt says:

    Great pics Gord and I was not off as far as you thought when you made joke of my guess
    Keep the temps cool yet
    O hell I don’t care more Perch fishing
    Dustin how many hundred you want in the freezer for your group

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