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Quote #2: “So what keeps these guys going, throwing heavy baits hour after hour for nothing while waiting for that one special cast? Your average musky addict will tell you that one musky is well worth 10,000 casts. The long wait for a fish is part of the musky mystique, and anglers frequently talk of “paying your dues.”…..If muskies are so dadblamed hard to catch, why bother? Why not try for something easier, like trout or bass? Let me put it this way: Would I quit my job and move 2,200 miles to go trout fishing? What do think I am, crazy? No, it’s muskies for me. I’ve got the fever. I’m looking for one a little over four feet long with sharp, inch-long teeth that could make mincemeat out of the average trout. That’s right, I came here for one fish. I want one big musky. Some men want to be President, others seek the Nobel Prize. I can’t help it if they are short on ambition. I believe in setting goals high–I want to catch one of the ten biggest muskies in Vilas County this year.”

-Bill Gardner

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If you like GREAT fishing, hospitality and affordability, Vermilion Bay Lodge is highly recommended. I have been making the trip to Vermilion Bay Lodge for the past 10 years and have never once been disappointed. If you like great walleye, northern, musky and trout fishing, this place should not be overlooked. The fishing has been excellent… no matter what time we went. Gordy and Susanne are wonderful hosts that will make you feel right at home. Check it out – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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