April 21, 2017……8:00 a.m.  Had the binoculars out and can verify that Vermilion Bay is ice free!

There was only one correct guess for April 21.  Physic powers?  An understanding of the natural ecosystem?  A rigged contest?  You be the judge.  This years prestigious accolades fall to long time, early season trout chaser Dustin Kaehr!

Dustin on a portage lake in May.

Honorable mention to Julia, and Jeff Reau for picking April 22 and Damon Mercer for picking April 20!  You were so close…..better luck next year!

Thank you to all the rest of you who pitted your predictive skills against Mother Nature.  I must say that most people were within 6-7 days of being correct.  A good showing!

Dustin will be at VBL in May and will be available for autograph signing during the Sunday night fish fry.  His fabulous prize of VBL bling awaits this champion of the 2017 Ice Out Contest!

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  • Teal River says:

    Gord, since you have been running the contest, is this the earliest ice out date? And no, I don’t want to wade back through old blog posts to figure it out.

  • Andy says:

    In the words of our President, “Its largely a rigged system”. But we still congratulate Dustin for knowing Gord’s favorite beer.

    • Professor says:

      I, for one, have had it with this “largely rigged system”. Trump may be a little off at times, but his words ring true on this so-called ice-out contest. None-the-less, I have to congratulate Dustin for discovering “the way” to get Gord to rig this contest in his favor. I stand in awe and am jealous that my mental acuity is lacking in this regard. And it’s not that I haven”t tried. I’m a bit ashamed to admit this, but I offered Gord $250 to be awarded “winner” this year. He laughed and said, “You insult me with your lowball offer.” I give up.

      • Dustin Kaehr says:

        If I told you how easy it was…you’d be embarrassed.

      • PJShorthorn says:

        I would have to agree with you…..this is a rigged system !!!!! As a former winner who had to do many complicated calculations in order to come up with the correct date, now we have a broken contest system…….I mean, Gord is older now and pee breaks are a frequent occurrence for him now …..having to process Kokanee. By my calculations, the ice would have been around till May 1st if Gord hadn’t been trying to melt the ice from shore with his urination habits.

        There have been rumors floating around the elite fishing circles of a perch fish kill in the vicinity of the fish house due to high hops and barley content in the water.


  • Kurt says:

    Dam I knew I should have emailed Trump to put a hold on the ice
    Congrats Dustin

  • Dustin Kaehr says:

    Time to make VBL great again?

    Who am I kidding…it’s already beyond great!

    First round on me in the fish house, May 27!

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