Happy Friday the 13th!

It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog post.  Things are slowing down and so am I!!  Our recent weather pattern can be best described as “cool, with a lusty breeze and backdrop of wetness at times verging on torrential”.  Perfect musky weather!

We did have some nice weather last week though…

The mountain ash berries are particularly bountiful this fall which makes me suspect that we might be in store for a harsh winter….or is it the amount of hair on the back of a squirrel?

A highlight of this week was a backwoods excursion.  Susanne & I, Bruce and Sally, and George from Pinawa spent a day chasing after trout and whitefish…

The portage trail was in good shape…not sure about the rest of us!



Bruce in a tangle.

Susanne with one of many.

Oh baby…

George with a whitefish.

Bruce and Sally with our morning’s catch.

Sexy time!

Guess who gets to clean these…

George works his magic on cooking the bacon…

Shore lunch!

What else is going on at VBL?  Well, the renovation of cabin 8 is underway with a bit of “gutting” as the first step…

No walls!

Nothing like a view from the toilet!


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    Looks like a fun day!! Hope you and Suze are doing well. Give me a shout if you plan on doing any shows this winter, I’ll buy ya a beer (or two). Take care,

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