2020 Ice Out Update…4.0

April 13, 2020… “A cold snap”

A crisp morning on April 13, 2020.
8:00 a.m. on April 13, 2020
The dogs don’t seem to mind the cold morning…

The warming trend has stalled this week but it looks like it will return this weekend. Till then the ice remains in place. Put your guess in yet? So far I’ve received almost 50 ice out predictions….some as early as today (Sorry Marty McVicar…better luck next year!) If you were biding your time this may be your opportunity!

Is it time to eat that old fish in the freezer?

Whitefish from last summer…

Of course the answer is YES! Frozen fish doesn’t improve with age, but how you package it for the freezer can make a big difference. Here’s a tip that I find works well when you package fish with a vacuum sealer. If you first wrap your fish loosely with waxed paper it adds a second layer of protection to the fish. More importantly it stops the irritating migration of liquids to the sealing edge when removing air from the bag. This results in a better seal and less chance of freezer burn down the road. This package of whitefish we defrosted a few days ago and fried in beer batter was excellent. Waxed paper is cheap…give it a try!

Questions on this summer’s reservations…

People are starting to contact us here at the lodge with questions on what might happen with the season. I don’t think anybody knows for sure what is happening yet. Right now the border is closed to unessential travel, and our business falls under the category of being unessential as well….of course, we are never open at this time of year anyway. We will await upcoming updates and let you know of any changes. Till then here are our thoughts:

  • Worse case scenario…we contact you to let you know your week isn’t happening. We can move your deposit to 2021 and reschedule for the same week. Rates remain the same for 2021.
  • Possibly only early reservations will be affected. Moving to a later date in the season is an option if there is availability.
  • It is O.K. to leave your reservation in place. We are waiving the 60 day notification requirement (to make changes). Changes, when they come, may be on short notice so we will try our best to accommodate you.
  • We are fortunate in that we live here year round. We can have things ready to go even if it’s just a short season. Some camps may not have the luxury of being able to open for just a few weeks or months…we do.
  • The main focus should be on everyone remaining safe and healthy…let’s all hope for the best!

In closing, here’s some insight from a great Canadian…

4 thoughts on “2020 Ice Out Update…4.0

  1. Yep, eat those fish right away. Here’s another tip for fish you brought home, especially if these were not vacuum-packed. Defrost the fillets, cut away any flesh that does not look good, then cover fillets in buttermilk for a few hours in refrigerator, and drain prior to cooking. The idea is to knock-down any off-taste that occurs while the fish is frozen.

  2. The milk trick works! I’ve used t on many occasions. Maybe start another pool on when the border will reopen? I’m guessing early to mid June. I can be more specific if / when the pool starts. Happy to hear that you are safe in the great white north!

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