A short flight to Caribou Lake…

I usually get my portage lake chores done in March via snow-machine, but this year with the extra snow it was next to impossible to get back into Caribou.  No choice but to fly in some gas and do the maintenance the easy way.


No time to get the boat ready in Caribou other than to fly in…

5 thoughts on “A short flight to Caribou Lake…

    1. I couldn’t convince Cory to hold onto the Beaver while I went bass fishing. The Basler gang will be into Caribou a couple times this week….

  1. Gord…I think a man of your stature ought to fly-in to his private lake from time to time. Thank you for getting the boat ready, Andy and I look forward to fishing this gem again come fall.

  2. Professor,

    The real question is, “Can Gord keep the top secret spots secret?” Loose lips sinks ships, and as I recall, there is only one boat on that lake. That doesn’t allow for a lot of sinking. No doubt there is likely an upgrade boat and 4-stroke motor on that lake?

    The lack of fishing is a bit disturbing. I have visions of Gord getting in one troll while the plane took off, only to snag a sea gull.

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