A special treat for the Perchmaster and Bamboo Mark

Charles is right of course. We should all be celebrating the 20th anniversary of VBL. Kurt is right. It’s a bitch thinking about opening day when work is getting in the way of fishing. As an extension of the olive branch, we have brewed up a special batch for the arrival of the Perchmaster and Bamboo Mark. Now share some comments about your favorite brew. As part of the 20th anniversary celebration, an empty bottle of your favorite libation will be displayed in the fish house.

14 thoughts on “A special treat for the Perchmaster and Bamboo Mark

    1. Andy…..you forget that I live in Canada, where all the beer is “spendy”. The 4 pack is a nice idea, but what are you going to drink?

  1. Capital Brew can be found at my local store so if I can swing in before I leave I will have to pick up a couple of samples for you Gord…
    Down to 2 days and I will be on my way!!!!
    Call in the Moosehead Gord!!!!

    1. Hi Kurt…I hope you and Mark have a great time together at VBL. I have a request, and would be very grateful if you could catch and release a 30″ walleye for me. If not, a 36 ” laker would do nicely. Thank you for your consideration…Joe

  2. Andy has a good idea. He often does after putting his foot in his mouth……perhaps it is the bitter taste of toe?

    …but yes, a collection of interesting beer vessels in the fish house might be appropriate. You will have to compete for space with Henry (from Chicago) who has established a “Polish beer bottle display” in half the building.

  3. Well I have managed to come up with 4 different kinds of the Capital Brew for Gord so He will now be able to do some sampling.
    Joe we will do our best to reach those lofty goals you have set forth.

    1. Gord…The Perchmaster and Bamboo Mark may be taking this 20th Anniversary season to a level I didn’t think possible. Their generousity is only exceeded by the excellent choices they have made in beer to share with you. Products from the Capital Brewery are top shelf and a nice example of terrific beer-making in Wisconsin.

      As you may recall, I have pushed myself to be an exceptional “full service guest” while at VBL.
      It’s been a pleasure for me to prepare and share meals, sharpen kitchen knives for Susanne, conduct walleye seminars for your guests, and be in charge of the camp while you tended to important business in Dryden. I even spent time teaching your son, Mike, how to talk because you were too busy running the VBL operation or simply exhausted from doing so.

      Perhaps it would be better if I were to focus more on brats and beer for your enjoyment and make the transition into a “good guest”. However, I simply can’t do both. So, what’s your preference?

    1. Perch fishing was well let’s say we still own the title of “PERCHKINGS” of VBL.
      Joe and Andy just for the record if there would have been a “PERCH MADNESS 2010”
      We would be enjoying MOOSHEAD beer to celebrate….

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