And the winner is…………..

April 14th proves to be the correct date for ice out in Vermilion Bay. This beats the previous record of April 17th.

I actually thought yesterday was going to be the day but it was not to be. Shown above is some of the ice that blew into the creek mouth with the strong winds. What you can’t see is the “Walleye Highway”, which was socked in with ice. Let’s see who the winner is………….

……..none other than artist Charles Weiss! Previously well known for his colourful spandex wardrobe and artistic talents, Chuck can now add “clairvoyance” to his resume! A fabulous “mystery grand prize” awaits Charles when he arrives at VBL this summer. New trousers perhaps………?

In a close second (he was the second person to guess the right date) is the one and only Neil Hull….not to be confused with the even more famous “Racing Hull”. Shown above with a large pike-like fish, Neil has a passion for lake trout, pike, guys from Green Bay, and his computer. Well done Neil!…….a valuable VBL momento awaits you at the lodge.

Last, but not least, is the “Bean Queen” Loveda Mitchell, island-woman…….famous for her baked beans featured at our Sunday Night Fish Fry. Loveda is pictured above, holding her husband Keith……….

13 thoughts on “And the winner is…………..

  1. Keith looks a lot like that odd looking lake trout caught by the professor last year….the one with the big white fish in its gut?

  2. Congratulations to ALL the winners. Charles YOU ARE THE MAN or did Diane pick the date?? Hope to see you in the fall and spend some quality time like last year. I also hope you saved a little of your good luck for that BIG muskie you have in your sights.

  3. Hi Charles…I don't know how you developed the ability to accurately predict the future, but I envy you. Gord has been very secretive about the fabulous prizes that will go to the contest winners, however word has now leaked out. My understanding is that you will receive two sets of those pretty place settings (world record fish) that Gord and Susanne use in the lodge for fish frys and other high level gatherings. All other winners get one set. Congratulations.

    Andy…It's frightening to see that picture of Loveda holding Keith. The man really let himself go over the winter months.

  4. The prizes are just the icing on the cake….it's all about the glory and the bragging rights. What you don't realize was that the 4th place prize was a new truck! If only one more person had guessed that date!

    That "fish" that Loveda's holding could almost be mistaken for a giant walleye…….

  5. What you don't realize was that the 4th place prize was a new truck! If only one more person had guessed that date!

    Well I am not a lawyer but as I read what you wrote above there had to be a person who had a guess so that person gets a probably runaway Toyota?
    You can keep it I like my Ford Explorer…

    Congrats to the winners and Mrs. Mitchell That is one hell of a lake trout the gut on that thing would hold Gords head…..
    5 more weeks till VB fishing for me……

  6. Charles…Forgive me, but I just learned that my "inside sources" were dead wrong about the prize for getting the ice-out date correct. Initially, they told me that the prize was custom-made dinnerware place settings. It turns out they meant to say placemats. Sorry.

  7. Wow, I can't believe I won something! Looking froward to visiting this summer. Still no word on the job op in Korea. I do know I am on the short list of 6 people left.

    I thought I was trying for one of those green prosthetic hands! Damn it!

    Congratulations Charles and Bean Queen.

    I can hear the fish screaming already!


  8. Hi Gord…I've looked at that picture of Loveda holding Keith again. It is the most severe case of "trout waist" that I have ever seen. I'm headed straight to the health club.

  9. Guess we don't get to see any updated pics of the lodge in progress??
    Guess I will have to wait less than 5 weeks now.
    You would think guy's we would get some pics of the lodge and all the work Gord is getting done with the early ice out this year

  10. Comment for Anonymous
    Your saddly mistaken this contest is as straight forward and honest as a U.S.President Election.

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