Another beautiful week of August fishing at VBL

A day of fishing comes to an end at Vermilion Bay Lodge







Maybe its just me, but I have noticed a trend on the Electric Beaver. The Pike seem to be bigger this year? That was our experience this year, catching lots of eater pike along with a few nice fish that were released to swim another day.



Steve & I had one secret spot that yielded nice pike on

almost every pass.

Steve - the Pike Master










Some joined the trout in the cooler

Trout and Pike on Ice










Others were released to swim another day.

Notice the large scar near the tail. Could their be larger prey in the area?











Now that's a beefy fish










Pike Master does it again










Off the board and very beefy

39" ?? We just wanted to get the fish back in the water











Good things sometimes come in small packages. Everyone know Gord secretly loves to clean perch so we tried to indulge him.  Of Course Billy & John’s patience wore thin after pursuing the wary perch for about 20 minutes and left.










Steve discovered that true bull perch prefer very large baits. This one was tiny but bull perch were soon to follow.









Perch on Ice. The cooler starts to fill.










Bill & John decided to try their luck at trophy Rock Bass. God only knows why.

Big John with a trophy Rock Bass












The trout also cooperated.

Walleye’s? Oh yea there were some of those as well.












There were boats in camp that had fished muskie for weeks with only small success. We didn’t even cast for muskie until Friday morning. That could have been a mistake. Bill and I fished an area for two hours and raised 7 very nice fish. Nope, no pictures, no caught fish, just memories. One of the fish was over 50″, two were in the 45″ class. I would have loved to have seen Bill catch one of those on his snoopy pole. Looks like I will have to revisit a few of those boys when I return in September with the Professor.




15 thoughts on “Another beautiful week of August fishing at VBL

          1. Andy/(Gord)…I’m hopeful that my boat will squeeze into Bottle Lake. What concerns me are the persistent rumors of “motor trouble” on Clearwater, High Cliff and Caribou-Boo. I’ve been dreaming of fishing the hell out of these lakes for many months. It’s extremely distressing to hear about “motor problems”. My experience, understanding and, most importantly, a sworn pledge from Gord that this was all in the past and never to return to a modern-day VBL. I take his word as good.

  1. Professor…….a jar of Stumps hot olives will go a long way to solving this “theoretical” motor “problem”. Besides, all my boats are equipped with the latest in paddle technology…

  2. Professor,

    If we encounter motor problems, which is unlikely given Gord’s attention to details, we can focus on bringing him a sink full of 100 perch. The pike we encountered, on a spot you and I have fished with success, were feeding on huge schools of perch. I think it might be worth exploring whether any of them have size as well. This could be having a negative impact on the whitefish population? You can only catch so many pike. If Gord has it in him, I think we should try to repeat the smally success we had last year. Of course that might mean that Gord would have to employ his paddle technology?

    1. Andy…I think we should simply promise Gord a sink full of perch and then hand deliver a monstorious load. I agree that catching lots of fat pike can become tiresome, so let’s not overdo it. One thing I won’t tolerate are perch crowding out my whitefish buddies. We better check this out and be prepared to play hardball if necessary. As for Gord demonstrating his rowing tech upgrades, I’m all for it. Please keep in mind the last time we did this required us serving him a five-course breakfast before he was willing to go with us. Plus, he was rather grouchy very early in the morning.

        1. Kurt has been very silent lately. Might I say that I miss his blog contributions and his presence at VBL. I hope his fortunes improve in 2015 and that he can participate in the rodeo next year. The professor and I will have a lot of time on our hands shortly and will hopefully be able to inspire him with a few videos. Oh yea…who won the best video contest last year?

          1. O I’m here just enjoying all the Beaver Bullshit you and the Professor keep tossing around.
            I have to let you enjoy the limelight while you can cause soon we will regain the titles and the trophy will belong with us.

          2. Perchmaster, you do realize the contests are all rigged don’t you? Some musky angler is going to reverse the typical scenario and catch the largest perch of the year, or the rodeo will be postponed until 2016. By the way, I actually prefer very little light and lemons over limes. Please enjoy what’s left of this fall.

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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