Back in the saddle…..again!

It’s been awhile, once again, since the Electric Beaver has seen a new posting.  This is about to change with a weekly update over the next few months of winter.  I have plenty of information about the past summer to present to you, but before we get into that let’s tidy things up a bit.  By that I mean the VBL competitions that were held this season.  “Ice Out”, “Walleye Madness”, “Musky Madness”, and the coveted “Perch Rodeo”!  

The Ice Out challenge 2017 was won by Dustin Kaehr with his uncanny ability to predict Mother Nature…….

Dustin proudly sporting some new VBL bling and delivering his bribe to none other….

Walleye Madness week 2017 was won by multi-species angler Dan Witzlib with a respectable 26 1/2 inch walleye………

The winner loaded down with his winnings.

Musky Madness week was taken this year by Mike Zahrt with his 38 incher.  Shown here at the mid-week shuffleboard competition at the Bayview Hotel and Bar……the winner of which was none other than Bonnie…

Mike Zahrt taking home the hand carved musky plaque by artist Charles Weiss.

It seems the season long “Bull Perch Rodeo” was one of the more controversial and “heated” this year.  Beginning with some pre-season posturing and tough talk between former perch king, Kurt Hebecker and perch newbie’s Professors Joe and Andy it was shaping up to be a challenge.  Apparently few could handle the pressure.  For example…

Pat Kitchin looking shell shocked with a less than stellar entry. Perhaps the beer was to blame?
Oh have you no shame….

It was looking like Eagle Lake novice Bob Carlson was going to take it all with his 12 1/4″ bull perch……

Oh yes, baby! Now that’s better!

Things were tense when past multi-year winner Paul Fulka made his return appearance to defend his title.  A valiant effort but his 12 incher (his perch obviously) was just a hair short.

It was looking dire for Andy Lewis trying to kick ass on a late September trip, but apparently the drive to take it all was just enough.  Here’s the winning catch…..Andy with a 12 3/8 inch monster!

Andy was overheard to exclaim “This one’s for you Kurt!”
Even Joe Moskal seems to relish his perch catching abilities and the mysterious lack of entry by the past perch master Kurt. Oh the evil glee on Andy’s face…..

Well that about takes care of the competition details for 2017.  Congratulations to all who gave it a shot, and to the winners we salute you!  Remember, 2018 will once again see the return of these challenges for those brave enough….

While we’re on about 2018, here’s a preview of an upcoming post outlining some of the changes currently happening.  What about a cabin renovation to cabin #4?


Stay tuned for more details……

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