Bailey the wonder dog…and other VBL stories…



Sometimes interesting “non-fishing” things happen around here.  Take the case of Bailey the Irish Settler.  She was on her way to Red Lake with her family when they stopped at Bobby’s Corner for gas.  Being a very skittish dog she decided to bolt and ran off.  Posters were put up but after 6 weeks things were not looking very good for Bailey.  About a week ago Brent and Tracy (who run the Bayview Hotel…..official watering hole of the Musky Madness Week) were at their cabin in Favell Bay (about 2 miles south of VBL)…..this is a boat in access cabin…no road, where they caught a glimse of Bailey.  It took a week of leaving her food and a blanket on the deck to calm her down enough to be able to catch her.  Once on a leash she seemed relieved (albeit a bit shell-shocked) to be out of the wilderness…..and away from the wood ticks (she was covered!)  Good job Brent and Tracy for the rescue effort!  6 weeks alone in the bush would be scary.


What else?


So how many turtles does it take to fill up a log?


Based on early reports for the “Scott Stroupe” group, the fish are really biting!


It’s conjoined twins week at the lodge….or as we like to promote it…”Joined at the hip Madness Week”.  Wade and Terry relaxing with their siblings…..


Nobody likes to miss out on the Sunday night fish fry…..Jersey get’s herself in line.


Stay tuned for a fishing report from the Scott Stroupe group…….coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Bailey the wonder dog…and other VBL stories…

  1. I like a story with a happy ending. Let’s hope that is true of the Stroupe report. Six weeks is a very long time for a domestic dog.

    1. Here’s another story with a happy ending. I was once out for six hours before someone found me. Would this be considered a long time for a domestic man? There were no ticks, but apparently I was still rather intoxicated.

  2. Almost every year I run into some poor sap motoring around the lake hopelessly lost. The story is always the same – “I was so excited to get out on the water that I wasn’t paying any attention to my surroundings”. Usually I give them directions to their camp only to encounter them a few hours later….still lost. The professor is eluding to his trip to virgin water where he carefully left a trail of bread crumbs. Why he didn’t use his sophisticated electronics is beyond me. He was horrified when he tried to make the return trip and saw gulls swooping and fish surfacing, enjoying the meal that was his bread crumbs. He has been drinking ever since. At times, quite heavily.

  3. Always my biggest fear with new guys….getting lost. Almost had this this past year, but while sampling bourbon, Gord and I decided they would be fine overnight.

    They finally came in, so the story isn’t near as good as it could of been!

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