Boat cache switch-a-roo…..

I’ve been asked many times how we get boats back into the portage lakes we like to fish. The easiest method is the one Susanne and I used today. Towing it in across the snow is no problem. We did encounter one tight spot on the trail where we had to tilt the boat a bit to get through. Dig the old boat with a shovel and haul it back home. The “new” boat is bigger, doesn’t leak, and even has floor boards to make standing up a bit easier. Now all we need is May to roll around info and for the fishing to begin!

8 thoughts on “Boat cache switch-a-roo…..

  1. Gord,

    This is going to be a nice improvement. Now if we could just get some rod holders on those Clear Water boats!

    I know this blog takes some work, but I have to tell you, its a great way to break up the winter blues. Great pics!


  2. GREAT pics Gord and thanks to you and Susanne for making an upgrade for me on that great lake.
    It should make for some better fishing now that we will be fishing from Ford instead of that Toyota you had out there.
    Now something for you to think about is maybe an ice out contest this year for one of those great beer mugs?

  3. Hey, I’m not avoiding questions but I seem to only look at the top few entries, and not so much down here. It’s not the greatest system for feedback. Anyways the switch was to take the boat out of McGregor and replace it with one I had at the lodge that was better.

  4. Happy Spring Gord. Ooops, i guess its not quite spring at Eagle Lake yet. Oh well. I know how much work this site takes, but it does bring a smile to my face, reminds me of the great times we had at eagle lake, encourages day dreaming about our next trip to VBL and it is a convenient method for showing off Eagle Lake and my fish releasing technique to others. $100 extra if you fillet that walleye while its still in the Professor’s pants.

  5. Thank you, Gord. I’m planning on fishing McGregor this summer and appreciate the upgrade to a nicer boat.

    Those of you who have not fished McGregor are encouraged to give it a try. It has healthy populations of walleye, northern and smallmouth. The pike I’ve caught had a better average size than those on Eagle. The bass population is expanding rapidly so you will catch good numbers if you target them. The biggest I caught there went 16 inches and it was fat; that was a couple years ago. I think VBL guests are going to catch some bass in the 17-18 inch class this summer. And a few years from now fish in the 19-20 inch class will start showing up– if anglers practice catch and release. If you want to harvest a few take the smaller fish. These will produce fillets that are for perfect for a tasty fish sandwich.

    McGregor has lots of walleye that will keep you busy. These fish run smaller than the typical fish I catch on Eagle. But better sized walleye are present. I haven’t leared how to catch those fish yet. Hopefully, that will happen this August–if I can tear myself away from the incredible walleye fishing on Eagle that time of year. I’ll post a report on my McGregor outting at the end of August.

  6. Now that the kitty is out of the bag I guess we can mention this fine body of water as McGregor.
    Like the Professor said if you have not given this a shot it is worth the work to make a day event of fishing both here and Clearwater.
    You could always have your Canadian computer guru check into Proboards for running your web site Gord.
    It runs kind of like other fishing web site and then you can have Mods to help you out.
    For now this works but just a thought for you to toss out for your puter guy.
    Keep up the good work and make sure you read all the posts?

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