Caribou Lake Expedition

On Sunday Susanne & I made a trek back into Caribou Lake. The only sign of activity back there were these mystery tracks………Sasquatch?

Here the VBL boat lies in state, waiting for the open water season and some smallmouth bass action! It has been two years since anyone has ventured back to Caribou to fish! My goal this year is to turn that record around…… is a bit of a hike to get here but well worth it. I need to train some “regulars” on how to get here…….Andy?, Professor?, Dustin?

Here’s a scenic shot of Susanne touring around Caribou. It’s a beautiful little lake……actually it is not that small!

Well, one thing leads to another. With the abnormally warm weather and rain in the forcast it is time for my annual “gas run” back into the portage lakes. This is much easier than trying to carry fuel over the trails. This picture reminds me of some expedition to the north pole.

For those that have taken the Caribou trip you might remember the wet foot you received while navigating this stream across the trail. Here my bridge building skills shine!

Close-up of the “Mighty Caribou”, just upstream from Caribou Falls.

My second trip to Caribou was a solo venture where I dropped off some fresh gas and built a new boat ramp. I also built a similar ramp for the boat in McGregor. No problems were encountered…..good thing, it is a long walk back home!

Leaving McGregor Lake, the stream is opening up, but no sign of the Eagles yet. Today the rain is coming down so it was a good thing I took the gas in when I did. I still need to bring the motors back in to Clearwater Lake and McGregor…….I may have to do this via open water later this spring.

10 thoughts on “Caribou Lake Expedition

  1. Gord,

    Great pictures! Because I can't make it up this year, it will have to be 2011. But, in 2011, I will make that trip for the day…at least once!


  2. I like the idea of visiting Caribou Lake!
    Perhaps this year? The bass and pike fishing were exceptional the one time I fished it.

  3. Thank you for preparing Caribou for my 2010 expedition. Andy and I intended to go last June, but we got scared after several days of hard rain. We were warned that the portage trails turned into rivers of mud waist deep. That won't stop us this year as we are bring chest waders along. Andy always says, "it's better to be clean and dry instead of muddy and wet." That kind of logic is difficult to argue against.

  4. A pair of water proof boots is always a good idea…….especially spring and fall. Alternately, very long legs, or swinging through the forest on a vine works very well too.

  5. Hey Dustin…I'm holding you to your promise of a 2011 trip to Caribou Lake. You may decide that one day just isn't enough……and besides if old geezers such as Andy and Joe can haul their carcasses back there, someone spry and youthful should have no problem!

  6. Dustin
    You don't know what your getting yourself into….

    Plan on bringing a sleeping bag you might need it.
    You are being set up if you did not figure it out yet….

    Nice post Gord and that motor better be a new model and ready to go on the boat when we get there after last year finding a new spot for those hog walleyes we will be getting there probably twice…
    O CRAP did I say new spot for those walleye on McGregor, I never did tell you about that new spot Gord guess I might have to fill you in over a nice cold Canadian brew…..
    Cat is out of the bag now, will keep you thinking till I get there….. HAHAHA!!!!

  7. "Bring a sleeping bag…"

    Even better! I see a hike in, fish, camp, bulls**t around the fire, sleep, fish, hike out!

    My kind of trip!

  8. Now that the professor is off the sauce we should be able to do this trip this year?

    Those tracks have me baffled. I have to believe that the warmer sun enlarged the tracks of what might have been something like a dog,coyote,wolf.

    What's your guess gord?


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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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