Caribou Lake….

For those lucky enough to have fished back in Caribou Lake I thought these pictures from today (Monday, March 2) would be of some interest. I did my usual run to tuck some full gas cans at the portage boats. This beats “humping” them over the trail in the summer. As far as this trip went, I had to break How can Viagra help to cure psychological erection problems in males? the trail……..good thing I had a long track and a chain saw! As far as I could tell all the small-mouth bass are still slumbering in their beds under a thick layer of snow and ice. I wonder if they are thinking of the spring spawn?

8 thoughts on “Caribou Lake….

  1. Boy I have to comment on this one.
    For those of you that don’t make the trip in May you don’t know what your missing when you make the first trip of the season to one of these portage lakes.
    You have to carry gas in and all sorts of stuff, even the motor sometimes, and then the BUMB “Gord” can’tg even buy you a beer that evening after you just about have the big one!!!
    Had to do it Gord Sorry!!!!

  2. Gord,

    I hope to be one of the lucky ones in 2009. It’s been on my “to do” list for the last few years. Catching fish closer to VBL has always gotten in the way.

  3. This is a very good trip into the back country for smallmouth and quality pike fishing. I’ve fished it a handful of times and have never been disappointed. You have to be willing to work to experience this fishing, though. There are four portages to cover. If you hustle, you can get from VBL to Caribou in 1.75 hours. Plan on taking a full day for this adventure. And make sure that you and your partner are in reasonably good shape–there are plenty of rough spots to traverse. Andy, how about we actually go there in August?

  4. After Andy Meyer’s lodge lost the portage rights to Clear Water lake, he described this short 20 minute portage as “a death march” on his web site. To me its more like a walk in the park (unless you are lugging a gunny sack full of fish back!). Professor…just what title would you use to describe the portage to Caribou? Gord tells me you were turned back one year as a result of lack of conditioning or perhaps a glass of wine that was consumed the night before that apparently had gone bad?

  5. Professor
    Based on these photo’s I think Gord has taken care of the problem identified by the Perchmaster. And the previous photo’s showed a pretty nice boat on McGregor. I think its go time!

  6. The hardest part of fishing Caribou is forgoing the other prime spots you have to pass through. Almost too tempting………

  7. Must be why I have never made it to Caribou Lake as I am always wore out from catching so many fish on these other qaulity lakes.Like Gord mentioned you have a couple of other lakes in the way of Caribou Lake and one just has way to much fun catching fish on these other lakes that you get lost in the time and next thing you know it is time to head back to camp

  8. The portages into Caribou vary quite a bit. The going from Eagle to Clearwater has several rough spots and it could be quite muddy in a few sections. Go with supportive boots and watch your step. Clearwater to McGregor is an easy 10 minute hike. But if the water levels are low you might begin by dragging your boat through a short stretch of shallow water. McGregor to Otter?(I’m not sure about this name) is short, but it starts out with some bush-wacking through clumps of marsh grass until a trail emerges. The last portage, from Otter to Caribou, is the longest of the four, but it’s pretty easy and scenic. There is a small creek that you will have to cross by jumping over or stepping in.

    You will break a pretty good sweat getting into Caribou and it will take nearly two hours. Your reward will be the opportunity to fish a near-wilderness lake that receives very little pressure during the year. Gord maintains a decent boat and motor there for his guests. A few years back we used my sonar unit to roughly map out bottom contours and depths in this beautiful lake. Andy, I’m glad you’re up for this adventure–we are going to have a ball.

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