Chuck’s Musky: “the aftermath”



It starts with the lure… how do these stories usually go?  “It was just after dinner when I decided to hunt the elusive ‘lunge.  It was going to be me against the beast.”


“It was over quickly.  I subdued the creature and captured his image.  He was back swimming the murk of Eagle Lake  forever to remember the name Charles Weiss”


I returned to the lodge a humble hero.  Here my admirers gazed longingly at the most recent entry in the VBL boathouse hall of fame.  Just another day in the saga of the musky hunter”


“In the lodge other musky men and women are riveted as the tale of my encounter with the beast is recounted near the warming glow of an open fire.  I demonstrate how I vanquished my foe.”


“Around steaming cups of mead my merry band of musky brothers peruse the ancient tomes of “Musky Hunter” searching for the meaning of musky fishing…“


“…only to discover cover art penned by Charles Weiss…….a hush falls over the room”


“…the bar wench delivers me some of the finest  lodge brew.  Most suitable to celebrate my victory over the beast, I join in the revelry.  Soon I must sleep…….”


“…but not before I must once again put quill to parchment and render the likeness of my drinking compatriots…Steve and Margie from Mukwonago Wisconsin.  Steve has seen 60 winters, and I wish him a good harvest….””


“…meanwhile the waves lap the shores of Favell Bay, and the musky plots his next move”  (editors note: The picture above is a simulation of the real Favell Bay.  Due to secrecy and privacy concerns the actually Favell Bay photo has been edited to protect the musky.  The weed, and Diane, are real.)


Well there you have it.  Is it about the fish or is it about the journey?  And is the journey the one on hands and knees back to the cabin after revelry in the lodge?  Who can really say.  That is the musky mystic.  The legend continues…

8 thoughts on “Chuck’s Musky: “the aftermath”

  1. Charles…I simply must say that I’m duly impressed on several counts. Being able to catch a nice musky and then write about it while simultaneously rendering spitting images of Marge and Steve is a feat that shows much more talent than I ever suspected. That you can do this while hammered is over the top. I can see how it is that you have attracted a following of groupies. I, too, want to become a groupie. Are there any requirements or restrictions?

      1. Gord…I had a sneaky feeling that the original post was too good to be from Charles. I thought he may have hired a ghost-writer to tell this story. Now that the truth is out, I take back the undeserved praise and my interest in becoming a Charles groupie. The elation I felt yesterday is but emptiness today.

  2. Electric Beaver Crew;
    Yes, Gord, that strange way you have documenting the guests adventures. I kept saying when I got back: “Gord, You should have been there. The top water bite was happening!” Other areas in Favell Bay also had a surface bites happening too.
    The Lure that did the catching is 8 inches/ 20 cm long and is called a “Skid Stik” a surface popper made by the Fishin Magician.
    It was wonderful showing the younger guests MY covers of Musky Hunter Magazine and explaining my inspiration. The moment unseen by the angler is what I’m trying to illustrate. Or perhaps as the fish is being released to swim away and recover.
    And Gord insisted that I drink a beer and a strawberry cocktail at the same time?

  3. Hey Guys,
    Love the pics and the post. The crew is especially knowledgable, keen enough to know to seek more knowledge. Also and excellent opportunity for Christine and I to drink a bottle of wine in cabin 4 with some peace and quiet!!!


  4. It’s good to see a growing number of Charles groupies. Professor….maybe we will find a signed Charles Weiss original when we arrive at our cabin this fall?

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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