Chuck’s tale of drama and adventure……..

Here’s an interesting photo from a read more at few years ago, back in early June.
I remember my wife Diane and I were fishing a few kilometres from V-Bay Lodge.
Suddenly the sky went dramatically half dark and white with a harsh wind and distant rumbling thunder.
I suggested to Diane that we should reel in and quickly get to shore to seek shelter from the rapidly gathering storm.
I turned the boat around and began racing back to the lodge.
At just about that time Diane’s hat was picked up and thrown in the lake.
We stopped and looked around but couldn’t find it.
Again we started racing away. The air temperature dropped about ten degrees and hail began to fall…..followed by freezing rain. This was our most extreme weather experience on a lake.
I passed a couple of other guests boats as we reached Gull Rock.
We tied the boat up at the dock and walked into our cabin and waited for the storm to pass.
I had to wonder how a storm like this effects the fishing?

Chuck in Toronto…………

4 thoughts on “Chuck’s tale of drama and adventure……..

  1. I had to wonder how a storm like this effects the fishing?
    Very good question and it all depends where your fishing or even what part of the country.
    I have been on Lake Michigan and the fishing is hot and heavy only to have a major front like that come through and the fishing just drops off to nothing.
    I have been on Eagle and the same thing you are hammering the fish and WAM nothing after that, but you might be able to get a few to bite after a front like that if you head to deeper waters.
    I have seen it before musky fishing and they are not bothered by it but then next time you won’t see a musky for a couple of day’s.
    I am sure Gord will have an opinion on this and it might be like I am trying to say it all depends on what species your fishing for and what lake.
    My opinion is on a major front like this if and when you can get back on the water you might want to try deeper water if your fishing for walleye.

  2. Chuck's tale of Drama & Adventure
    This isn an example of extreme weather in
    NW.Ontario. Weather is like a box of Chocolates… You never know whatyour gonna get?
    No! I didn't throw Diane's hat in the lake.
    The wind did that… It was slow fishing for the rest of that day. I took more pictures with my camera of the scenery
    Chuck in Toronto

  3. Chuck,

    After experiencing something like this, I think I would be ready for a “Dark ‘N Stormy”. A highball style cocktail popular in many British Commonwealth countries, such as Australia and Bermuda. It consists of dark rum and ginger beer over ice. The local rum is usually used, for example, Bundaberg in Australia or Goslings in Bermuda.

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