Cold water lakers on Eagle Lake

Early spring is a season many VBL guest just don’t get a chance to get it on as by the time most guest start showing up the waters have warmed into the 60’s.
Eagle Lake is known more for it’s walleye, northern pike and musky but the lake trout is one species that you should give a try if you ever make a May trip.
Targeting these monster fish is not all that tough, trolling the “walleye highway” with husky jerks or trolling the shorelines can produce some mighty fine fighting fish.
During the month of May when the waters of Eagle are still in the 40’s and low-mid 50’s lake trout to 30″+ can be found feeding the shallow waters all day long with early evening being a time when these monsters cruise the shallows feeding on bugs and minnows.
2008 was probably the best lake trout fishing for many VBL guest as the chalk board down at the old fish house filled lines daily with 30+” trout.
I am sure many of the VBL guest looked up at the chalk board during the summer and ask Gord many times about those huge Lake trout.
So if you ever get a chance to do a May trip to VBL bring along that 6 1/2 med light spinning rod and spool your reel with some 8lb test and troll those cranks along the many miles of shoreline within minutes of VBL.

12 thoughts on “Cold water lakers on Eagle Lake

  1. When it’s Springtime in Eagle Lake…
    Those are fine looking Laketrout.
    Very inspiring, I’m creating a wood carving of a three foot long Laker,a replica of a trout caught in the area.
    Some day I’ll have to visit in the Spring and catch a trout.
    Chuck in Toronto

  2. Chuck in Toronto
    All it will take is one trip in May and you will put it on your to do list every year if possible, this is one of the best kept secrets of Eagle Lake in my mind.
    And it just keeps getting better and the qaulity of fish can’t be beat.

  3. Hi Folks…The Perchmaster is on top of a very nice cold water pattern for lakers. These fish are teperature sensitive, prefering temps in the low 50s. That’s why you can catch these beautiful fish in shallow water during May. This pattern changes in most years by the first week of June. Warmer water temps get these fish moving deeper, down the West Arm of Eagle Lake. You might get lucky and still catch a couple of Vermilion Bay area lakers in early June, but the hot bite will be over with. For more info on lake trout fishing, refer to the primer that Gord and I wrote last year. You can find it on the VBL website.

    And Perchmaster, if your not too busy, could you catch and release a big laker on my behalf this May. My biggest on Eagle went 35 inches, so anything larger than that would be appreciated.

  4. Professor, it sounds like you need to show up here on May 16th and try out the trout bite first hand. There’s nothing to compare with catching big trout on light tackle.

  5. Gord,

    I think the Professor is on to something. Obviously, these fish never leave the lake, they just start looking for that 50 degree water in 90 feet of water. I think the shallow bite would be a blast, but I also have to say that catching 30″+ fish out of 90′ water is an experience in itself. And the bladders of these trout adjust to the depth change. When those big boys release air, it looks like a submarine is about to emerge. What ever you do….please release the big boys and go eat a few of those clear water eaters. These trophy fish are worthy of protection.

  6. Professor I am going to have to agree with Gord on this you will have to make a trip in May for this great experience.
    In 2008 I was lucky to boat many over 30″ and was not able to break the 35″ mark but did land one at 35″.
    When you hook into these dandy fish on light tackle you have your hands full.
    As for fishing these brutes in the summertime when bringing them up from the deep depth you have to bring them up slow as the change for them can do much harm and in some cases kill the fish when you bring them up from say 90′ down and there system can’t handle it.

  7. Hi Perchmaster…I would love to get on these lakers this May. However, this would likely upset the delicate balance in my marriage that allows for togetherness without anyone getting seriously hurt. Frankly, I get afraid when my wife goes on the warpath. But I’ve already planted the seed for a May, 2010 trip to VBL.

    I would have to agree with Andy regarding lakers caught from deep water. These fish regulate internal air pressure with specialized swim bladders. Andy and I have caught hundreds of lakers from very deep water. The only fish that didn’t swim back down were those we intentionally kept for a meal or were deeply hooked and bleeding badly. I have noticed that the truly large fish sometimes needed extra care at boatside after a long fight before swimming back down. Never saw any floaters. We try to be gentle and release fish quickly. This year I’m replacing the trebble hooks on my laker spoons with single hooks to make the release easier for me and the fish.

  8. Professor we look forward to meeting you in May 2010 then and we can maybe have a little contest.
    Hey that might be an idea for you Gord, you have a walleye and musky week maybe have a lake trout week in May?

  9. The opening May week in 2010 would make a fine “Lake Trout Madness Week”. Probably two days would be sufficient, as I wouldn’t want to take away from the numerous excursions for perch….plus the walleye, etc. Mark it in your calendars!

  10. We will be back on our regular schedule for 2010 as this year is the last year for having a daughter graduate from college, but the way things turned out weather wise last year I am glad we did not show up till Friday after the opener and this year being so cold it might very well work in our favor once again.
    I hope many do mark this in there calendar it will be a good time.
    Yea can’t interfear with the perch explosion.

  11. Gord…now you will need to add a 2010 Perch-O-Rama. No trophy needed, just a tiarra for the runner up and a cape for the Fresh Prince of Perch.


  12. Good Luck Andy that would be one I might have a good chance to win.
    A “PERCH-O-RAMA” that sounds like a good time.

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