Coming Soon to Eagle Lake! “Summer”

The end of winter is in sight….summer on Eagle Lake can’t be too far behind.

Great color on this lake trout!

The forecast is looking warm which has turned my thoughts to the upcoming spring melt here on Eagle Lake.  Before that happens I put together a bit of a slide show with some of the memories over this past winter…plus some anticipation for the summer of 2012.

“click here for the slide show”

Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake, 2012…don’t miss it!


Stay tuned for the “Annual Ice Out Contest”

Details to follow…


10 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Eagle Lake! “Summer”

    1. Yes, it is good to have some anticipation……keep your date under your hat till the contest goes “live”. Till then think of me sunning my buns down in the Baja, Mexico……fishing the Sea of Cortez and drinking marguerita’s under a thatched roof. Leave tomorrow and will show off my tan lines when I return. Do you think a mesh thong is too revealing?

  1. If Gord spends too much time sunning himself in Mexico by the time he returns to VBL the ice will have already gone out. I fished my local lake here in southwest Wisconsin on March 11th. That is a full two weeks earlier than I ever have in the past. Viva global warming! 🙂

  2. I predict the ice goes out before Gord organizes the contest? I was up at Lake Wisconsin last Sunday and the ice went off two hourse before we arrived. Great to see open water! It was 80 degrees yesterday and Madison and we will get the same on Sunday. It’s coming your way Gord!


  3. Andy, if you are correct I think the only sporting thing for Gord to do is give all past participants in the contest a VBL hoodie. I’ts not our fault he’s off offending the Mexican populace with his choice of swim wear instead of working like the rest of us.

  4. Hey, I’m back……..and you are right, the ice is not coping well with this absurd weather. I will be getting some pics and posting an update for the ice out contest. But in the mean time, feel free to email me your guess, if it is really got you constipated. My arms are still sore from catching fish in the Baja. By the way, there will be a VBL sponsored fishing tournament down on the East Cape in Mexico next March…….start saving your peso’s!!!!!

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This is a first class resort located on Vermillion Bay on Eagle Lake. The cabins are very clean and well kept. The boats are new with new motors and are in great shape. The owner will also clean your fish for you after your day on the water. Make no mistake the fishing on Eagle Lake is world class.

The Lodge is owned by Gord and Susanne Bastable who will make you feel welcome and before you know it you feel like family. They are the best of hosts. The atmosphere is low key and laid back leading to a great vacation.

This is my 19th year of enjoying the hospitality of the lodge and i can’t think of going anywhere else on Eagle Lake.


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