December, 2013. Christmas is coming!

The past few posts have reminisced a bit over my early days on Eagle Lake.  Time to come back to the present.  Even though it has been unusually cold these days (most nights are –30 Celsius) , we have plenty of snow and sunshine……..and Susanne’s goal is to drag me around the snowshoe trail as many times as possible.  Here’s some photos from yesterdays journey into the woods, and beyond…



Check out this photo collage slide show!



From all of us here at the lodge we want

to wish you a very Merry Christmas,

and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

11 thoughts on “December, 2013. Christmas is coming!

  1. Looks cold…but very pretty (the lodge and snow that is). Evan wants to pass along a “Merry Christmas” to Suzanne.

    Looking forward to May 2014!

  2. Gord,

    If Suzanne keeps you on the exercise regime, you might be able to fit back into those skinny jeans that were featured in the “Good ole Days series”. You were always a man before your time when it came to fashion.

    I would like to thank the entire Bastable clan for your amazing hospitality over the years. I hope to introduce some new guests to VBL in 2014.


    1. …unlikely the skinny jeans would fit….I seem to have developed tree trunk-like thigh muscles from going up and down the hill all summer for the past 21 years. Could be the beer too..

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!!!
    GREAT pics.
    Andy forget it he will never be able to model them jeans like he did when he was younger.
    Maybe he should color his hair though.
    The trails look like they need some tender loving care from the other Curt?

  4. Gord…I would like to add to your heartfelt words by wishing for a few less drunken rampages at VBL in 2014. Andy and I are seriously contemplating this, and we invite you to join us.

    1. Professor, some of those rampages have become VBL lore. They are fondly recalled around the fire on lonely winter evenings. As you become old and decrepit, those memories are all you have. Treasure them, and let’s make a few more……..

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