Direct Tie on's? How to

Whenever you can get by without using snaps, swivels or snap-swivels, get by without them. Some anglers use snaps or snap-swivels so they don’t have to cut the line a lot, but this is not good. You should be checking the first one to three feet of your line at the lure/bait end frequently, and cutting the line and retying any time you feel or see nicks or stretched-out spots… even when using these things. Snaps, swivels or snap-swivels negatively affect the actions of many lures. Your lures won’t tangle with the line nearly as much during the cast, either, if you lose the hardware. Unless you’re physically challenged, avoid using this stuff whenever possible. Some general rules I use….. Use a swivel: 1. When using a lure click on this link that can twist the line (in-line spinners, spoons & pre-rigged plastic worms that don’t have attached swivels). 2. On Carolina Rigs. Use a snap (or snap-swivel) when using: 1. Crankbaits that don’t have an attached split ring.
2. Lures or live bait rigs where you won’t run into snags trolling or drift fishing (smooth unobstructed bottom, open water when your target fish is suspended, etc.). Tie directly to the line when using: 1. Spinnerbaits.
2. Buzzbaits.
3. Jigs.
4. Surface plugs like the Jitterbug, the Zara Spook, or poppers. If you’re using monofilament, you may want to put Chap-Stik on the line for about a foot or two ahead of the lure, so the mono will float and the surface lure gives better action.
5. In-line spinners, spoons & pre-rigged plastic worms that have attached swivels.
6. Crankbaits that have attached split rings (tie to the split ring). On crankbaits that don’t have a split ring, and you still want to tie directly on, use a loop knot, so it gives the lure the ability to act in the way the manufacturer intended. If you want to limit the lure’s action (make it wobble less) for a more subtle presentation (which is desireable at times, especially in cold water), tie directly onto the front loop with a snug knot.
7. Texas Rigs. 8. Lures or live bait rigs where you’ll be running into snags
trolling or drift fishing. Hope these ideas help someone out and they may find it easier that the more traditional way’s of doing some of these.]]>

7 thoughts on “Direct Tie on's? How to

  1. Thanks Perchmaster. It is a common mistake that I observe with many anglers. Too much hardware…giants swivels or even leaders when neither is needed. The more realistic the presentation the better success you will have…especially in some of the clear water we fish.

  2. Yea I agree Gord as I myself am GUILTY of this cause I can be LAZY when I like to change things up often, and then I think why am I not getting any action or as much as the other guy, well If I would just follow some of these simple ideas I can help myself a great deal.
    Comment #1 say’s take me to your leader?
    So would you be suggesting using a leader?
    Feel free to chime in, all ideas are welcome.

  3. I was thinking maybe we need Gord to do a little story on the how to’s for early season walleye’s.
    What do you guy’s think?

  4. Direct tie ons
    Great topic.
    The new knot I’ve just heard about is at Check it out fellow fishers?
    For SURFACE LURES, What flavour of “Chap stick” do you recommend be rubbed on the line.
    I was considering cherry?
    Keep your eyes on your line.
    Chuck in Toronto

  5. Chuck in Toronto is a funny guy?
    Cherry would be my pick so that would be the one for me to use.
    Working on a catch/release one but am having a problem with it.
    Just don’t like how it is coming out.

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