Dump Turkeys

These “wild” turkeys have been hanging out at the Vermilion Bay dump all Fall. With temperatures around minus 30 C. it must be a little chilly for them. Back in November there used to be three of them………

I guess the municipality will have to post some new signs… “Beware of Dump Turkey!”

9 thoughts on “Dump Turkeys

  1. "DUMP TURKEY'S" that is a good one.
    Looks like a lot of tracks going in and out of the dump area Gord?
    Surprised the turkey's let you get so close but I guess one turkey to another….. HAHA!!!

  2. I am amazed these turkeys have made it this long into the winter. While they are not white, do you suspect they are domestics that got loose? I do know the turkeys here in Wisconsin have a range going much farther North than the DNR ever imagined.


  3. Yes, there have been turkeys around for awhile….Susanne has encountered them while biking up the Blue Lake Loop Rd. There is a fellow up there that had raised some wild turkeys and apparently they have escaped. I'm not sure if they survive the winters or he keeps raising a new stock each year, but they've been around for a number of years now.

    I wonder what a "dump turkey" tastes like? Maybe like bear?

  4. I wonder what a "dump turkey" tastes like? Maybe like bear?

    Pop it on the ol barbie and let us know Gord. I am sure Susanne can come up with something to throw on it to make it taste like lemon trout for you.

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Trevor Benner

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