Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #3

Eagle Lake Ice Out… “The Ides of March are upon us”

I have had a complaint that my Eagle Lake Ice Out updates are too complex and confusing.  Therefor in an effort to make them more “Wisconsin-friendly”, I have only added a single image, and to make it an obvious “new” update, I have added snow to the picture.

Back into winter?

Eagle Lake Ice Out….Warning!

This Eagle Lake Ice Out update should only be viewed with proper safety gear, including CSA approved helmet, steel toed sandals and eye protection.  Vermilion Bay Lodge takes no responsibility for injury or side effects (stomach cramps, migraine, erectile dysfunction, chronic weeping, hair loss) from viewing or competing in this Eagle Lake Ice Out contest.  If you wish to order “A guide for understanding the Eagle Lake Ice Out Contest” , $6.99 Cdn,  or wish to enter said contest, shoot me (Gord) an email.  Good luck and be safe!

 The Eagle Lake Ice Out Contest

16 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #3

    1. O.K. Tanner, your open water guess is duly noted.

      ATTENTION WISCONSIN BEER DRINKERS::::: Tanner is a VBL guest and multi-talented Wisconsinite. His new “baby” is Port Huron Brewery, soon to be gracing the beer drinking Wisconsin public with a dandy new selection of fine beers. Here’s a link to a recent article. http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/wisconsin-a-hotbed-for-craft-brewing/article_084124ce-c2f6-5b55-8809-fab1cd441458.html I hope you folk that are closer to establishments offering this brew will give it a try and report back to the Electric Beaver.


  1. Alas……to be, or not to be, sarcastic….that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged rod makers, or to take arms against the wave of cheesy Wisconsinites, and by opposing end them: to die, to sleep no more, to dream not of ice out so simple even they who oppose me wilt understand………alas, I must be sarcastic…..

  2. OK Gord and Suzanne My guess would be April 24th, but i’m probably wasy off. The rivers in Winnipeg are free and clear way too soon. The weather is done gone crazy. Sorry for the bad grammar. Oh well see you guys soon.

    1. Duly noted Garlic Man. I see you’ve thrown caution to the wind and went public with your guess. Very ballsy……very, very ballsy…..wasy ballsy….

  3. Gord…This entire contest ( from the initial announcement, to the doctored and/or risque photos, and now to legal disclaimers with warnings for safety gear) has become too complicated for me to feel comfortable participating in.What’s next, special insurance policies or death threats? In good conscience, I must withdraw my entry from the Eagle Lake Ice-Out Contest. Please return my $ 25 entry fee.

    1. Sorry Professor, but the “fine print” section 3, sub-heading 14 reads “All entries are final and irrevocable, including any $ designed to sway the judge in the course of his official duties”. You are S.O.L. there buddy. Now, because your date picked for ice-out is “prime”, in my humble opinion, and due to the fact another guess for that same date came in later, in order to avoid a fiasco in the event you do win, be it known your request for withdrawing from the contest is hereby refused! Your only avenue for legitimately withdrawing is to send me a bank draft for $50 (section 1, sub-heading 2 “withdrawing from the contest requires forfeiting a cash amount to the tournament judge in an amount deemed satisfactory by the same”)

  4. This whole contest is rigged. It reminds me a bit of the fake moon landing coordinated by our government years ago (yea right….a man on the moon?). I am guessing these pictures are from 4-5 years ago.

  5. Just got to thinking maybe you should consider a live camera be installed this spring so people can click on the link to view live whats going on at VBL!!!
    A camera that you can rotate and zoom in with to maybe the dock area and fish house…
    Hey I am liking this idea maybe I can do this when there in May and and get advertisers and make some money off this!!!!

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