Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update

Ice out March 22, 2012
Ice conditions in Vermilion Bay, Eagle Lake


Eagle Lake Ice Out: The perch can rest easy, for now

Perch double header
Two heads are better than one!
March 20, 2012
You never know what you'll catch in 6 feet of water...18 inches of ice.
Spring thaw, 2012
Spring comes early to Vermilion Bay Lodge
Eagle Lake Ice out
Days of safe travel on the ice are over!

Eagle Lake Ice Out Update:  Well, we’ve had record breaking weather and you can see the results!  Who knows what will happen from here on, but I have retired the ice fishing rod.  18 inches of ice remain quite solid to shore but each day brings more warm weather.  If you haven’t emailed me your guess, do it soon!  Remember, the first person to guess the right date will be the winner.  You have one chance to win, Good Luck!


The Eagle Lake Ice Out Contest

9 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update

  1. OK what a turn of events looking at that first picture, good thing for some cooler weather.
    Now on the perch pic NO WAY you caught 2 perch at 1 time.
    That was rigged just like this contest is!!!
    Who does that sound like?
    Any guesses?

  2. Perchmaster,

    Based on recent posts, it appears as though Gord is becoming addicted to the perch fishing. As they said on Seinfeld, “Not that there is anything wrong with that”. It’s nice to see that you can actually teach an old dog new tricks. Perhaps he is just getting warmed up for all of that perch cleaning that is right around the corner. I am sure it pleases him to no end to have learned last year that the perch can be caught year-round. It pains me to think about it, but while you are jerking perch in May I am stuck with work in Utah and then D.C. Why don’t you leave Gord about 50 perch fillet’s for the Sunday fish dinner in August? The professor is trying to teach my how this “sugar mama” deal works so that I can give up my job and fish all summer. We will see how that works for 2013.

    1. Yes Andy maybe I can get Gord to do the trek for perch feast!!!!
      I wish I could retire just don’t have your money I guess…..HAHA!!!
      Can’t leave perch fillets cause of Canadian laws prohibit Gord from feeding you those tasty devils in a group setting!!!!

  3. i was reading some of the perch treks and never heard of chena bait small pink gig tipprd with chena bait please would you explain what it be thanks much jerry from wisconsin go packers

  4. If you are really good, it is possible to catch two perch at one time…..just as I have proven. What I did not show, and I like to keep this under my hat, are the lake trout I caught while catching these perch…..yes, in six feet of water……..the biggest was 32 inches. Of course I do not bring a camera for those catches…..

  5. Gerald,

    Chena bait is some kind of animal skin (stinks) that is cut with a razor to make thin strips that have great action in the water. A Piece of crawler will work fine, but the chena stays on the hook well.

    Gord has a secret passion for filleting perch and rumor has it that he might soon have some of the bait in stock.

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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