Exercise your brain…….win a mug!

Here’s something to contemplate while you pretend to be “at work” on your computer. Any idea on what the names are for these mystery lakes? Hint….VBL has boats on all these lakes. For bonus points, what is the main fish species in each of these lakes? For the ultimate bonus point, which one of these lakes has a Red-Tailed Hawk nesting site?

Good luck. Get all 13 points and win a prestigious VBL beverage dispenser (mug).

27 thoughts on “Exercise your brain…….win a mug!

  1. O.K. Gord has been hording boats and only provides directions to his best clients for two lakes. He doesn't even list them on his web site as being lakes with boats. Let me get the easy ones out of the way, and maybe I can add a broken mug to the collection that Gord already owes me:
    A) Clearwater/Delano: Great Lake trout lake, whitefish, pike
    E)McGregor Lake: Walleye, Pike, slowly transitioning into a great smallmouth bass lake
    D)Otter: Not a great fishing lake, but I'm guessing small mouth bass and pike are present
    F)Caribou:Small Mouth bass and I would guess a few pike

    I know I have seen a red-tailed hawk nest on McGregor, but I wouldn't be surprised if they all didn't have one.

    Gord…The professor and I were going to make a trek back to Caribou last year, but the Professor wasn't up to it. Now that he's back off the sauce, maybe we can make that trip in 2010.


  2. Boy this is going to take some research now on my part and man I wish I was paying attention more when Gord talks cause I know he told me what lake is next to clearwater cause he mention he had a boat on it and it was hard to get at but not worth the effort I think he said cause there are no fish catching in it…..
    Also think he mentioned the lake after that which would be "C" and I don't recall him saying what the name was.
    Time to go to work on this one this should be worth more than a mug I think…..
    Good luck to all

  3. Gord said…
    Good luck figuring this one out!
    Yea this is not easy that is for sure even doing some scouting has not helped one bit….

  4. I am going to finish my guess by saying that Lake "B" and "C" are officially "unnamed" lakes. Gord may have a name for them, but I'm not convinced they have an official names. I found a great source for topo maps. You will have to copy and paste the URL but take a look at this topo map with the coordinates for these two lakes:

    Or, enter your own coordinates at:

    Also, if I had to guess, thes lakes likely have bass and a few pike.

    These are great DNR Canada maps!


  5. Andy I also did the same search you did and was unable to come up with any names
    Think these may have names but are unofficial names?

  6. Perchmaster,

    I think that's the case. However, there is already a Gordon Lake to the North. Maybe its something like Big Gord Lake, or secret bass lake? Of course there is the map on the wall in the lodge where one of the many unnamed lakes in Canada was named Bastable Lake.

  7. Maybe we all put our ideas together and if he counts us as wrong we all just steal a mug when we are in camp and not say a word and see if he notices?
    Then maybe next winter we post a quiz for Gord.
    Who all stole a mug from VBL this year?


    My guest are as follows
    A Clearwater also know as Delano known for it fighting lake trout
    B has no real name
    C has no real name
    D would be otter lake and known for bass
    E would be my favorite and that is McGregor known for it's walleye and bass but also has nice size pike in it
    F Caribou also know for it's biting fly's HAHA Bass would be the species not to mention one muddy trip that will kill large people HAHA!!!

  8. Ok…I'll play, too.
    A–Clearwater (lake trout)
    B–Long (bass/pike)
    C–Long (bass/pike)
    D–Otter (pike)
    E–McGregor (walleye)
    F–Caribou (bass) Also has hawks nest.

  9. Gents,

    This is one of those contests where Gord is always right. The reality is that only a fraction of the lakes in Canada actually have an official name. Many are "un-named". We have also tried to tell Gord that he needs to have people e-mail their responses for a contest. But what can I say? You can't teach an old dog new tricks and you can't teach a dumb dog anything. Perchmaster….I like your idea with a variation. This was a very tough contest worthy of something more than a mug. Let's help ourselves to a sweatshirt or a hat.

  10. O.K., now before you start getting bitter, and calling me names, here are the correct answers:

    A) Clearwater Lake…….Lake Trout
    B) Long Lake………..Pike
    C) Long Lake………..Pike (also hawk nest)
    D) Otter Lake………..Pike
    E) McGregor L………..Walleye
    F) Caribou Lake……….Bass

    Professor, you did surprisingly well considering it would have been a miracle to guess all the correct answers. You possibly mixed up the Eagle nest in McGregor with the Red Tail Hawk nest in Long Lake…..also no bass in there that I am aware of. You deserve at least a cup of coffee…..minus the mug!

  11. OK guy's here is my take
    GREAT CONTEST a little tough as both long lakes are probably not real names that come from the Canadian MNR.
    So I am thinking we help outselves on our next visit just for giving it a top notch try here by all of us.
    I think aI should have gotten BONUS POINTS for my "Caribou also know for it's biting fly's HAHA Bass would be the species not to mention one muddy trip that will kill large people"
    Professor I would not get to excited or you might spill HOT coffee on that gloveless hand of your….
    Can't wait for the next contest maybe he will focus more on something that will be easier for me like how and where to catch jumbo perch…

  12. Sorry about my mispeklled words must have gotten fat fingers.
    Hey by the way guy's don't you all remember the VBL sweatshirts Gord was going to set us up with for being Contributors
    I might have to pull that post up to remind our Canadian friend?

  13. As one previous VBL guest would have yelled…."this contest is bull****". It was most certainly rigged. As we all know, the Professor holds a gold member VBL card and has access to some lakes that are kept private from the other guests. Professor, how prey tell did you know that Gord named both of these lakes "Long Lake". Or did Gord name one of the lakes "Long Lake" and his other brother Gord named the second one "Long Lake"?

  14. As you guy's all know here in Wisconsin when they ran out of names for lakes they just name them Long Lake.
    How many Long Lakes do we have in WI?

  15. Hi Andy…How did I know that lakes B and C were both named "Long"?

    Well, many years ago, when I first started coming to VBL, Gord use to carry me from the lodge to my cabin and tuck me into bed with a bottle. Usually a Molsen long neck. Then he would tell me bed time story. One night he told me about the two Long Lakes that were hidden to the southeast above Clearwater. These lakes supply the creek that rushes into Clearwater when the water is high.

    Gord showed me a secret map, but it revealed only one Long Lake, which had two sections seperated by a narrows. He said the map was misleading to confuse people and discourage visitors. He claimed to have fished up there and caught pike. And he even dragged a boat in by snow machine one winter. But he has never spoken a word about this area since that story. I even asked him real nice one time to take me there, but he told me he was "busy" working on a sauna for VBL guests.

    Maybe he keeps the sauna up on Long Lake, but I don't know, I've never seen either. Perhaps we should organize an expedition as part of our next trip to VBL and determine once and for all what the hell is going on up in the Long Lakes area.

  16. Professor,

    This might make for another entertaining venture. I think we probably need to learn more about why the redtail hawks are only allowed to nest on the mighty "Long lakes". I could have sworn I saw a nesting Redtail hawk not far from the trappers cabin on McGregor. Must have been an eagle or osprey as they evidently are not permitted to nest on McGregor or Caribou? A very odd phenomenon that we will need to check out. One can only imagine how old the gas is on that lake?

  17. Andy…….the only old gas in Long Lake would be in your lower G. I. tract after a night of burrito's and beer. There's a boat in there but no motor. Perhaps some further exploration is warranted….I will provide you with a motor.

    Professor…..a very good fable. You forgot the part where I had to fight off the dragon while carrying you to your cabin….and, no, I'm not referring to Nancy.

    Hey, this contest has generated the most participation yet. Gives me some ideas…..

  18. You and your ideas can only lead to trouble Gord.

    Professor I don't think we need to know anymore about Gord tucking you in at night…. And are you sure that was a long neck bottle?
    Andy when Gord offers to make this a trip and he say's he will supply a motor you are now asking for the adventure of a lifetime and me I would ask many questions before you go on this trek.
    When Gord tells you o it's not bad you can bet it is 10 times worse than he tells you….

  19. Perchmaster, this would be a good trip for you and Mark when you come up this May. Perhaps the lunker pike will be stacked up in Long Lake(s)like cord-wood.

    Chuck did extra research on this quiz (brownie points) and found out from the trapper that Long Lake is also known as Twin Lake. Perhaps I will rename it so as to create further confusion.

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