Four Top Secrets REVEALED!

Yes, there are bigger fish in Clearwater Lake. This one, caught by an angler who wishes to remain anonymous, could not be released. 32 1/2 inches and 15 pounds. On closer examination it was revealed the fish was a male and the large gut was actually a half digested whitefish. Probably the reason it could not decompress and succumbed to the bends.

The location of the “Professor” and his red glove is uncovered. Obviously, like the “Dark Prince”, the Professor spends his daylight hours under cover of darkness… this case inside his livewell. Perhaps that is the reason for the pasty, undead look he often exhibits.

A rare photo of the “Newmexicam” without his white spandex shorts and hairless legs. Taken shortly before a Nick Nolte look alike contest.

At the recent Muskie Madness Week pot luck dinner and awards night, Big Dick Keller shows the real secret for obtaining true “big” status. Apparently it has nothing to do with his gig with the band “Big Dick and the Penetrators” or his often heard phrase ” The bigger the nose, the bigger the hose!” What about the rumour that Willy Nelson died………………………

17 thoughts on “Four Top Secrets REVEALED!

  1. That Lake trout looks amazing!
    There are big fish in Delano Lake.
    Good luck next season.
    The secret is….
    You'll need a large lure shaped like a whitefish?

  2. WOW is the word on that lake trout.
    That is a dandy from the clearwater lake.
    One for the wall looks more like a football inside it.
    Great job!!!!\Glad to see we are getting lot of posts here now hope things stay hot on the blog for the winter months.

  3. Unlike Vegas there are no secrets at VBL. Hint: The red glove and the bloated fish are related. That fish is rumored to have eaten the other red glove. Wow is right. That is one odd looking laker.

    The anonymous angler has already noted that he wants an upgrade on the motor on Clearwater lake.


  4. The anonymous angler has already noted that he wants an upgrade on the motor on Clearwater lake.
    The HELL with the upgrade on clearwater how about an upgrade on the other secret lake?
    Like to see swivel seats in that boat?
    How about it Gord?

  5. Wow…that is quite an impressive laker, and I have no doubt there are larger fish over there after the 3 days we had on the 'Hoosier Highway'.

    Thnaks for the pics!

  6. Gord said…
    I suppose you guys want me to come around to the cabins and wipe your "arse" too!?

    We are not going that far.
    You are a good guy but not happening buddy!!!!
    I will feed you and show you where the fish are but I am not letting you get that close.

  7. Perchmaster…consider this Chinese proverb…"Does a dog need to wipe it's butt?" Perhaps you are worrying needlessly………

    Anonyous…..not quite, but not far off.

  8. Does a dog need to wipe it's butt?" Perhaps you are worrying needlessly………

    I know where the 22 is so beware!!!!!!
    Not beware of dog!!!!!

  9. I purchased my Crestliner new about 10 years ago. I ordered it with a customized live well that pretty much takes up the entire space under the casting platform. There's enough room in it for a full length matress pad, pillow, two-drawer dresser and reading lamp. When Cabin#3 (my favorite at VBL) is booked, I sleep in the live well. It's not perfect, but it's homey. Gord substantially discounts my rate for this option, which includes electricity and use of the toilet in the lodge.

  10. Hi Perchmaster…Gord would say that everyone who comes to VBL receives special treatment. But you have to ask him about the "VIP Program". It's pretty exclusive and apparently there is a waiting list to get into the program. Frankly, I was lucky to get in years ago. For some reason Gord was impressed with my character. Go figure.

  11. Well I am guessing the waiting list can't be as long as the wait list for season tickets for the Green Bay Packers?
    So maybe before they throw dirt on me he will give me a trip to the V.I.P club of VBL….
    Maybe I need to find new friends to come up to VBL with maybe those guy's are handicapping me?

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