How else can we catch walleyes at VBL?

I will try to add a few posts over the next few days that capture our excellent stay at VBL last week. Let me start with one that kind of tells the story about how easy it is to catch lots of big walleyes in August at VBL.

We should have known it was going to be a good week. It always is. But while fishing trout hole #2, I gazed down into the water and saw this crevice in the rock shaped like a….fish hook. It was most certainly a sign from the fish gods.

My future son-in-law Brian was celebrating his birthday during our week at VBL. We bought him a very special birthday present….the Ron Popeil Pocket Fisherman. Do you remember that slick invention? After experiencing a consistent bite every day, after dinner and beverages one night, we decided to fish the last hour of the day.


Maybe next year we will give it a go with the snoopy pole?

While bottom bouncing was extremely successful for fishing these fish in 32′ of water, Brian and I also had a blast just jigging for these same fish the last day on lighter spinning tackle. Almost every time we saw a fish on the locator while back trolling, we dropped our crawler tipped jig and caught fish. The bottom bouncers were extremely effective in locating fish, but once you found them…even the Ron Popeil Pocket fisherman was effective. No real need for that $350 setup.

Don't ask me why Bill's fish always look so small

8 thoughts on “How else can we catch walleyes at VBL?

  1. Hi Andy..I hope that you and your party took the necessary precautions to avoid another bout of painful “walleye elbow”. I seem to recall that was a very serious problem last year.

  2. Andy…….is there a way to get one of those “pocket fishermen” up to the Professor before his upcoming trip? Perhaps with a simple fish catching tool that will allow Joe to be successful we can avoid the whine-fest such as was experienced when Joe and Marty were here earlier in the season. Plus I really have no stomach for more soiled underwear posts…..

    1. Gord,

      Be sure to point out the ceramic clown in the lodge that is always smiling (the one from Baraboo, Wisconsin). Just remember that you now have some cheese to serve Joe and the missus to go with their whine. It’s time for the Professor to snap out of his funk. I just gave him a fishing report over the phone and he is going to be arriving with high expectations. Just make sure he has gas at the portage boats and remind him not to spend a lot of time fishing areas that are not showing fish on the locator. He might also need some assistance launching those boats or he might be another hernia candidate. If all else fails, the days are getting shorter and there will be more time for him to drown his sorrows at night. Or he could give those perch a whirl. A post on that will be coming shortly.

    1. Brad,

      No need to worry, I am on a first name basis with Mr. Cabela and very much like nice equipment. I would not give up my St. Croix Bottom bouncing rod, but sometimes all you need is a stick and some line. I suspect your encounter with the musky last week would have been short lived on the pocket fisherman. I am going to be in contact with you regarding a custom made musky rod.


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