Ice out contest 2015…

Each year we try our luck at forecasting the day when Vermilion Bay on Eagle Lake will become ice free.  Why, you may ask?  Probably because the end of winter and the beginning of open water has a rejuvenating effect on our frost encrusted brains, and our pasty white skin.  It is the same reason we are drawn to mid winter vacations to locations that feature surf, sand and sun……which, coincidentally, gives me the opportunity to showcase a few images from our recent excursion down to Los Barilles, East Cape, Baja, Mexico.  What has this to do with ice out?  Never mind, just look at the pretty pictures….we’ll get back to ice out in a minute!

Gord's Marlin FSCN0996 (1024x576) Scott's dorado caught on the beach Lynn and her marlin ocean action Susanne catches a big sailfish Another Marlin Sea of Cortez marlin fishing Ricks marlin Susanne's big fish


………which brings me back to the topic at hand, ICE OUT!  Nothing like a few fish pictures (albeit the ocean variety) to get you fired up about the upcoming open water season.  Now the question becomes “When will that happen?”  Let’s have a look at what the situation is right at this moment…..a view of Eagle Lake as of March 27, 2015….

March 27, 2015
March 27, 2015

Here’s the rules for the contest.  You get one guess as to when this view will become ice free (as determined by VBL representatives).  The first person to pick that date will be the winner.  The strategy is as follows:  Do I rush to be the first to pick a date, and miss out on the update photos, or do I bide my time and pounce when I have a better handle on the situation?  That is the dilemma.

Once you have decided on a date you need to send Gord an email which will remain confidential.  Nobody will know what dates have already been chosen until the finale.

Anyone is eligible for the contest.  The only caveat is the “fabulous prize” must be picked up in person at the lodge.  What is the prize, you may be asking?  Firstly you may pick from the outstanding new inventory of VBL “bling”…embroidered Speedo’s, crotch-less leather chaps, fishing berets, and of course our regular stock of guide shirts, hoodies, and t-shirts.  Secondly, you can covet your status as “Winner” and proudly flaunt your title to friends and family.

So, as the weather warms and our thoughts turn to fishing, let me wish you good luck and may your prediction be more than optimistic……


3 thoughts on “Ice out contest 2015…

  1. Great pictures of some serious fish!

    Ready for Ice Out…and I’m not sending a date just yet, but here’s hoping it happens late for that great Spring fishing!

  2. Ice Out will be ********. The Good Lord told me. Thanks for the updates just in case the Good Lord got the years mixed up. Thanks again!

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