Ice Out, May 3rd, 2020

A skiff of snow on the ground this morning…

The cold weather couldn’t stop the wind from blowing all night and by this morning the ice in Vermilion Bay was gone! Congratulations to George Benger from Manitoba for his accurate prediction! Interesting to note that his was the only guess for May 3rd. May 2nd had 5 guesses, May 4th had 2. In total 53 people put in a prediction…thank you all for participating! George will be able to claim his fabulous prize hopefully this summer (all things considered).

Whitefish on portage lake.
The “Ice Master” of 2020, George Benger.
May 3rd, ICE OUT
A snowy May 3rd morning.

Status of the season…

People are asking if there is any news on the border closure and will we be open. We are getting things ready as usual but with the border closed till at least May 20 the first week of our season has been cancelled. Some that week have opted to move their reservation to 2021 while others have rebooked dates later this season. We are in a “wait and see” mode till more news is forthcoming. The Province has announced a phased in approach to reopening the economy….unfortunately nothing specific to fishing lodges has been mentioned. If you have reservations for late May / June you may want to consider options if things can’t go as planned.

In the meantime…

Now that the ice is gone we can at least turn our thoughts to the possibility of getting on the water and doing some fishing. Hopefully the next few blog posts can highlight some of this, and I know there are a few of you out there that have a story to contribute. Send it in and we can get things started. In the meantime, stay healthy and don’t be afraid to have some fun!

Even Manitoban’s can catch walleye. George Benger is impressed with himself!
Andy Lewis…Trouble maker who claims the ice out contest is rigged.
Coming soon!
First trout of the 2018 season….Mary L. and a 32 inch chilly release on opening day!
There will be a better day!

3 thoughts on “Ice Out, May 3rd, 2020

    1. No, Vermilion Bay / Meyers Bay / Waldhof Bay / Sportsmans Bay and the West Arm would all be ice free. The main part of Eagle generally takes another week or so.

  1. Congratulations, George. Nic pics, Gord. See you in June. Being in my boat fishing makes for great social distancing. 🎣🇨🇦

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