Ice Out Update # 1

March 27, 2022

Overnight temperatures have dipped to the minus 20 degree Celcius range, with 15 cm of snow predicted for Tuesday. Is this really Spring? Here’s a few photos from today to aquaint yourselves to the situation on the ground…and on the lake.

The snow piles are a shadow of their former selves, but still formidable.
Back in the woods the snow is hard, thick and crusty with the cold temperatures.
The dogs appreciate the hard surface to walk on….so do we. Zero “face plants” today!
It’s looking like solid ice as far as the eye can see!
Most snow has slid off the roofs in camp.
The chimney on cabin 8 was a casualty…..note to Gord: need a bigger snow break installed.

Still contemplating your ice out prediction?

Perhaps this update will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. I’ve received about 20 guesses thus far, but there are plenty of open dates remaining. Seems certain dates, which I will not disclose, are very popular. Of course, only the first person to pick the correct date can be the winner. Cruel and harsh, yes it is, but this contest is not for pussies.

Drinking from the “pussy belt”

Thinking ahead to fishing open water…

Let’s try and get ourselves revved up about the coming season. Maybe some fish pictures from last year? How about some tips for 2022? O.K… we go!

Walleye fishing this season? You will want to have a few of these along….trust me!
When a walleye is so big you hold it like a musky!
Boss-Hawg with a hawg walleye.

There you have it folks. Mull over the details, and dream about spring, summer or fall. Let me know what you think….try posting a comment! Send me a guess when you feel the urge…. . You never know, you too could be a winner!

5 thoughts on “Ice Out Update # 1

  1. Looking forward to a bit more H2O in the creek, and being able to get through canoe narrows! Ice out on a Tuesday in late April. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone in the great white north, beer in the fish house, cigars on the screen perch, etc!!

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