Ice Out Update…7.0

April 28, 2020

Some warm days and sunshine are starting to work their magic on the ice. It’s looking very grey and melting away from shore. Waterfowl is congregating around the open water in the creek, and Romeo, the lone Great Blue Heron is once again taking up his position. Let’s see some shots from around the lodge…

Tales From The Lodge…

Last week I mentioned the idea of having guests send up a short story that might be of interest to readers of the VBL blog. Here’s the first of hopefully many more in an interesting series…

Bob Swanson’s VBL Story starts here…

—  My daughter Noelle, came up to me one day and said “I want to go fishing in Canada and I want to catch a muskie”  Now I haven’t been to Canada fishing for about 10 years and I really wanted to go so I said Hell yeah lets go.  I knew I wanted to come back to Eagle Lake but where to stay? I had been to other places on the lake but wasn’t sure I wanted to bring my daughter there.  Then I remembered reading some posts from a guy named Gord on Walleye Central. He sounded legit and had a resort on Eagle. The rest is history–5 years later all 3 of my daughters come with every summer and we have a great time. I even told them they have to spread my ashes on a few select spots on Eagle and drink an ice cold Kokanee!  Really bummed that I can’t make it for opening week this year due to corona virus but will be there in August to squeeze 2 weeks of fishing into one!

Who is Bob Swanson?…

Bob’s bio is short and incomplete. A man of mystery, a VBL guest, and a man willing to put pen to paper….thank you Bob!

Only photo I could find.of me up at your place.
3 great kids, a great dog named Ernie, and the best wife a man could ask for. I always ask her to come with and she politely says no thanks!
Bob Swanson

So there you have it folks. An ice out update, the first of a new ” Tales from the Lodge” segment, and some hope that we can all be fishing again soon!

7 thoughts on “Ice Out Update…7.0

  1. Ice is still on lake, unfortunately, so l can say no rigging by Gord, yet!!!!! Hope to see all of the guests at some point in the future. Stay safe and healthy, the fish are getting bigger as we wait.

  2. Hey Bob – I always bug Gord about “wasting away the day on Walleye Central”…he is always happy to point out when a guest mentions that they “met” Gord on the site! Great photos with you and your girls. I think your self photo is causing some screened porch envy out there!

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This is a first class resort located on Vermillion Bay on Eagle Lake. The cabins are very clean and well kept. The boats are new with new motors and are in great shape. The owner will also clean your fish for you after your day on the water. Make no mistake the fishing on Eagle Lake is world class.

The Lodge is owned by Gord and Susanne Bastable who will make you feel welcome and before you know it you feel like family. They are the best of hosts. The atmosphere is low key and laid back leading to a great vacation.

This is my 19th year of enjoying the hospitality of the lodge and i can’t think of going anywhere else on Eagle Lake.


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