Ice out update….April 19, 2015


Here’s a few shots from the last couple of days.  We’ve moved into a cool and wet stretch this week which will be good for the water levels.  If you look closely you can see some dock work in progress….


April 17, 2015
April 17, 2015



April 17, 2015
April 17, 2015


April 19, 2015
April 19, 2015


While you are mulling over whether to put in a guess on when the ice will be gone, or fretting over the guess you’ve already made, let me bring up an “event” that will be occurring over the entire 2015 season at Vermilion Bay Lodge.  What can it be, you may be thinking!  Let me give you a few hints:



  • It is a challenge that involves testing your skills as an angler and your stamina as a fresh water athlete.

  • It is a fish species that is talked about in hushed tones, and one that Jeremy Wade has yet to tackle.

  • There are legends that tell of an enormous “Bull-like” creature and of a hero that dared to ride it….






What is the feat you must face….what is the challenge you must not ignore?






Introducing the Vermilion Bay Lodge “Bull Perch Rodeo”

IMGP3457 (839x1024)


After years of planning we are ready to launch the 1st Annual Bull Perch Rodeo here at the lodge.  Rules are simple.  Enter your “big perch” down at the fish house, where our “perch verification team” will enter the dimensions into  a secret, locked vault.  At the end of the season the winner will be announced.  His or her success will be rewarded with a fantastic memento of this achievement, with their name being inscribed onto the VBL Bull Perch trophy for future generations of anglers to marvel at….

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Research your quest, sharpen your snells, gird your loins…….enter soon, and enter often……..


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8 thoughts on “Ice out update….April 19, 2015

    1. Andy/Gord…I’m pleased to announce that I expect to ride in 2015. You may recall that I damn-near lost a finger to an enraged bull perch two years back. But modern physical therapy treatments, along with many pain killers, have me geared-up to get back in the saddle this July.

  1. Gord, just a few questions before I commit to the rodeo. What is the time limit in order for a ride to be considered a “full perch” ride? Are chaps required to be worn while riding? If so, does VBL have them on hand for participants? You can only imagine what kind of attention would be drawn to a fella if they had to wear them through the airports on the way up to VBL this summer.



    1. PJ…….“Riding the Perch” is part of the Eagle Lake legend but is totally optional in terms of the contest. Thus, while chaps are not mandatory, they may have potential for bonus points. Unfortunately my crotchless chaps were absconded with by a rather shady guest…”The Perchmaster”. He also left with my riding crop and yellow beret.

      1. Since the “Standard Outfit” for riding bull perch is no longer available and/or required, I’m in. I’ll be the fella in the Stetson hat sporting boxers and boots. As they say in rodeo…. it is time to ” Cowboy Up”. As a side note, the flap on the boxers will be sewn shut… need for a senseless injury or loss of bodily parts if a fella were bucked off and muskies happened to be in the area.


  2. Charles the art work is outstanding. However, I would suggest that the cowboy should be wearing a Kenora dinner jacket? That’s what I will be wearing on my ride. It’s all the rage since the River Monsters episode.

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On behalf of the Boyes Group, I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for hosting the Muskie Madness Week and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at VBL and had a great time!! This was our 7th year on Eagle Lake and we have stayed at a few other lodges but VBL takes the cake hands down! You can definitely count us in for next year. I’m happy to see you post some of my pics, they turned out well. Thanks again Gord for a wonderful week of fishing and your stellar hospitality, you run a first class operation, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Trevor Benner

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