Ice Out Update: April 7, 2021 “Progress!”

A sunny day on April 7, 2021 with some ice melting action going on!

You can see from the picture taken yesterday on April 7th that the sun was shining and the ice was melting. What you can’t see, as this being April 8th, is the rain, wind and overall wetness that has descended upon us. A good thing too, as March was the driest in the past 100 years. The ice is looking feeble, and some rain and wind will likely take it’s toll.

Anyone for a swim?

As you can tell we are in desperate need of some rain to get the lake level back up. The “bath tub ring” is the water level last fall. In the foreground is the swimming raft I pulled up on shore before freeze up.

The docking situation seems a bit bleak, to say the least!

Fortunately there is quite a volume of rain in the forecast over the next few days. Hopefully we will get to see the creek fill back up before any guests arrive.

Dock arrival.

Speaking of the docking situation, we had ordered some new floating dock last fall to replace some of the older sections….here is truck load number one!

All sections in the water awaiting assembly. A main section, shore ramp and four “fingers”.

I was surprised that we actually had enough (barely) water to float the docks off the trailers into the creek. They will stay in this position till the water goes up a bit and I can remove the old dock system.

Well, there you have it…

… a quick update on the ice conditions and a few shots of what’s going on up here. I should mention that Canada is really lagging behind the US in terms of getting needles in arms. This is a factor that may decide on when the border might reopen. On a positive note Susanne has just received her first shot and I’m scheduled for this coming Saturday. I wish I had a crystal ball to accurately make predictions for when things will reopen. I would say that May / June are very unlikely. July is a wild card. August has potential, and September seems likely. Hopefully your ice out predictions will not be as lame as this! As I look at the guesses you sent in the majority seem to have a good shot. Only one has reached it’s past due date (April 5th…Joe S., better luck next year!)

If you haven’t already read this interview that Andrew from Northern Jacks did with me, check it out! While you are there check out his blog and sign up….he posts some interesting stuff! Here’s the link : “Tales from the Lodge”

9 thoughts on “Ice Out Update: April 7, 2021 “Progress!”

  1. I was sorting through the tackle box arranging lures by lake and season. I found myself staring at a few and wondering if they would see Eagle Lake any times soon. I am glad to hear you and Susanne have been successful in scheduling your vaccine. I am going to remain hopeful.

  2. The new docks look good. Always investing to make our visits memorable. Thanks. Now about the water level, maybe try peeing in the creek. Can’t hurt. 🎣 🇨🇦

  3. I really enjoyed reading the interview; my vote also goes to a #4 or #5 Mepps in-line spinner for favorite Musky lure. I’d love to take my family to VBL this year and start making VBL memories, but I’m not too hopeful since vaccines for kids under 16 haven’t been approved (I’m guessing when the border opens, you won’t be able to cross without proof of vaccination). Maybe I’ll win the ice out contest this year and collect my pat on the back next year. 🙂

  4. Glad to see that the flamingo migration to VBL has already started. Before you know it, there will be a full blown colony and you’ll have to rename the lodge to Vermilion Bay Flamingo Lodge. 🦩🦩


    1. The flamingo is in position to document water level changes. Hoping he’s underwater soon. Flamingo Lodge has a nice ring to it…

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