Ice Out Update: Ice get's ass kicked…..old man winter on the ropes!

Oh yea!  Big doings on the ice front.  Here’s a couple pictures from a few days ago….noteworthy because of the interesting visitors we had…..a pair of Trumpeter Swans! IMGP3463 (1024x757)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Fast forward to today…..April 28, 2015, and the ice is receding quickly.  Seems that Myers Bay is ice free and what’s out front looks very thin.

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As we wind down Old Man Winter and move into “Spring Mode” there’s still time left to make your prediction.  Due to a high volume of “guesser’s” there is a definite shortage of open dates still available.  It’s happened in the past though, where every date was taken except for the right one.  Of course I was abused with incriminations of “rigging” the competition.   It seems folk like Andy, and the “Professor” take this very seriously, so it is with great humility (and broad shoulders) that I accept their abuse with mild amusement.


Get your guess in now!


Trout fishing pictures to follow soon!


4 thoughts on “Ice Out Update: Ice get's ass kicked…..old man winter on the ropes!

  1. Gord…Well of course Andy and I take this contest seriously. Especially with rumors of the winner receiving a shiny set of brand new VBL mugs. And I’m so confident that the remainder of the ice went out last night, that I’m prepared to declare myself the winner of the 2015 contest. Please store my mugs in a safe place until July.

    1. Professor, I’ve exhausted my supply of mugs. How about a signed photo of me coming out of the sauna? I know, “Why so generous”, you are wondering….

    1. Brad…..the gulls have been back for weeks, so you could very well be seeing them! Also some ice, which might be mistaken for a beached Narwhal….

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