Ice out update, May 15, 2013… “The ice is gone!”





The results are in…


…and Henry basks in the glory of being the first to pick the correct date of May, 15th for the ice to go out on Vermilion Bay!  Was it a guess derived from studying the jet stream and weather forecasts?  Or just luck after going deep into a “Spirytus induced” coma?  Henry isn’t telling.

Notable guesses…


Congratulations and consolation to Shawn Lewis and Kurt Hebecker for also picking the correct date, but, alas, a little late off the mark.  Close, but no banana.  Nice try though!

Keith Mitchell and Mark (?) were soooo close with their guess of May 16.  If it wasn’t for the high winds yesterday…….

A notable lack of guesses for May 14.  What’s with that?

April 19…Charles Weiss…perhaps confusing Eagle Lake with Lake Ontario?

June 8…Dave Johnson “The Walleye Wizard”… I suppose when you retire and live in Arizona time and seasons have little meaning.  Either that or proof that excess alcohol can, and will, affect your mind. 


Thank you to all who participated!


19 thoughts on “Ice out update, May 15, 2013… “The ice is gone!”

  1. Congratulations Henry! We all hope you enjoy the Official VBL toilet plunger signed by Gord….the prize for this years contest. So that all VBL guests might celebrate in your victory, could you leave a case of Spirytus or perhaps some ice wine?
    I am just happy that the professor and I can leave the ice auger at home when we arrive later this month.

    1. Andy, please lock your bitterness in the closet before you come up. If it will make you feel better, bring along your favorite plunger and I will autograph it for you. RE: Spiritus….I do believe there is a bottle here but you need to be Polish to drink it without losing your eyesight. The Professor is Polish though………

      1. Yes, I am Polish. Sadly though, I’m off the sauce again.
        I think I’ll bring my plunger up for an autograph as well.

    1. Bullshit? Rigged? Toilet plungers? Kudo’s to Chuck Weiss for loosing with grace….and to Henry for picking the right date….first!

  2. Gord,
    I will simply bite my lip. We look forward to the consolation prize. Something I have enjoyed greatly in previously botched contests. I am however puzzled by this polish custom. The Russian’s were not so selective in nationality when sampling some brandy that had “fallen off the truck”? I seem to remember a night where Susanne suffered the consequences of their more open customs.
    Brad….I will happily provide some updates on our Eagle Lake activities. We will be arriving for the fishing bonanza on the 25’th. Kurt will simply have to live vicariously through us when we post some pictures of those giant bull perch, feisty shallow water trout, and walleyes suffering from cabin fever. We will most certainly be posting a picture of that wonderful consolation prize as well. The Professor has assured me that there is no security camera in the Lodge.

    1. Brad…My usually calm fishing partner, Andy, is getting so excited that he is forgetting important details regarding our forthcoming trip. Specifically, he overlooked mentoning the quality whitefish, pike and smallmouth opportunities we intend to exploit while at VBL. You can count on us for delivering “breaking news as it happens”.
      Kurt…I want to assure you that Andy and I are fully committed to catching and releasing a boatload of fish on your behalf. Sure, this will mean much more on the water work for us, but we will do this cheerfully and without complaint. Just imagine how much enjoyment you can have without having to be here–you have much to look forward to.

  3. As luck would have it the professor and I are going to introduce a new business concept for Gord this year….virtual fishing. Kurt is going to simply wish for specific fish and we are going to catch them for him. We will then share some nice photos so that he can enjoy the experience and then send his check for the virtual fishing trip. If we have time we will even photoshop the Perchmaster’s face into a few of the pictures. A good time will be had by all.

    1. That idea has promise Andy. For anglers like the Perchmaster, that means that his theoretical fishing will produce way more fish than he normally would have caught……all from the comfort of his couch. I sense a money maker…..I’m already having a good time thinking about it!

  4. Gord,
    Maybe the professor and I could skip our meds on the day of the Perch rodeo and submit half the fish on behalf of our alter ego Kurt so that he might have a chance at the trophy that he covets? I can only guess that he might think that this contest is rigged once we are crowned the new perch kings?

    1. Andy…Please, calm down. Suggesting that we skip our meds is asking for trouble. We got thrown-out of that big Polka contest the last time we did this. As for the Perchmaster, I feel bad that he won’t be competing in the 1st Annual VBL Perch Rodeo. If you and I are fortunate enough to win this tourney, we can act humbly and show respect to the Perchmaster. Perhaps he could compete in a virtural Perch Rodeo and then “watch” as Gord cleans his virtural fish. He simply loves watching Gord clean those bull perch. I suggest we try to be generous here.

      1. Press Release: The “1st Annual VBL Perch Rodeo” will be held at Vermilion Bay Lodge and is open to all guests during the 2013 season. Rules are simple. The biggest perch caught during the season, as determined by length, will be declared the “Big Bull” and the lucky angler lavished with prizes and accolades (to be determined). Famed artist Charles Weiss will be commissioned to create a suitable trophy depicting the struggle between “man and bull perch”. Stay tuned for an upcoming Electric Beaver posting that will give further details. May the best perch rider win…….

  5. Gord,
    We are arriving on Saturday. Please have the Spirytus ready. Unfortunately I will be drinking for two as my partner is supposedly off the sauce.

  6. Well I am glad you guys are having fun….
    I could tell you what to get catch and where on a particular day and you guys probably would complain the Eagle Lake has once again has become the DEAD SEA….
    I now officially make the opener of the 2014 “PERCH O RAMA” May 17th 2014.
    You guys be there you have a 1 year advance notice so no reason not to be there…..
    You keep having fun I just hope you don’t bomb out… Remember chasing Gord around camp in his leather chaps can be very tireing for you old coots…
    Have fun be safe and good luck from the Perchmaster

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