Ice out winner announced!

May 15, 2022

Sunday morning, May 15 2022 and the ice is officially gone from Vermilion Bay!

It’s been an interesting ice out experience.

Let’s look back a day (May 14) to see how we ended up with this…

Bayview Brent puts his boat in to inspect the dock situation at his cabin in Favell Bay….I go along for the ride.
Negotiating around ice flows…
Scenes of devastation on the “swimming point”. Moving ice and heavy plastic lawn furniture do not work well together. Seems like the grill and picnic table made it, if slightly askew. From the photo it looks like the flag pole is missing too!
Last evening’s view from the Government Dock… moving north.
High water at the dock, plus ice remnants.

Which brings us back to today, and the winner is…….

…the “Red Demon”, also known as Jason Hohag who was the only one to pick May 15th. A few of the close runners up include: Nancy Moskal, May 16th, April Swanson, May 17th, and Joe Moskal, May 13th.

From the picture vaults of VBL a search for “Red Demon” results in this…

The only known likeness of the “Red Demon”, winner of the 2022 ice out contest.

Thank you to all those who made a valiant effort and put forward a prediction…better luck in 2023!

Congratulations to the “Red Demon”…your valuable VBL prize awaits you at the lodge!

One thought on “Ice out winner announced!

  1. Congrats Jason!

    From the pictures, and info in prior posts it look like VBL may have a drive up gas dock this year!

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