July 2023 Report

“Walleye Madness Week Results”

Another month has come and gone…and a good month it was. The fishing, weather, the people…..all were great! The finale of July was our “Walleye Madness” week which was a good wrap up to the month. Three days of friendly competition with a wrap up pot luck dinner and awards night…

Some of the entries didn’t make it to the top 3 but everyone seemed happy with a VBL 30th anniversary mug.

Wade Setter eased himself into 3rd place with a 24 1/2″ released walleye…

In second place Ken Meyer with a 26″ release…

The top prize and Charles Weiss wood carved trophy went to Lynn Setter with a very nice 26 1/2″ release…

Good job “Team Lynn”…

Many of the cabins for next years Walleye Madness (July 27 to August 3, 2024) are already booked but there’s a few left if you want to join in on the fun! Give me a call soon!

The Electric Beaver noticed once again!

Ahoy matey……we’ve been selected as one of the top sailing and fishing blogs of 2023. Not sure what it means but we’re happy to see positive feedback! Perhaps a sail boat is in our future?

Last minute openings…

I’m not sure what it is about the end of August but it’s been somewhat of a revolving door of people changing dates. If you need to scratch the itch we have an opening August 19-26. In September we still have a few openings September 9-16 and 20-27 (Musky Madness). We will be wrapped up and put to bed by the end of September, so now is your last chance for 2023!

Here’s a video recap of some of the highlights in July…

7 thoughts on “July 2023 Report

    1. There isn’t a better couple to host/hostess VBL! It’s always a great experience and the fishing is great too. Thank you Gord and Suzanna.

  1. Like the comrades of the fishing crowd imagery. The walleye madness trophy is very lifelike with dazzling eye that follows you around the room.
    Eelpout action?

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