Last Week of May…In Pictures

This post is WAY overdue….sorry! We had a great time at VBL the last week of May. We spent a lot of time on Clearwater, Highrock, and had a couple of interesting hikes to Caribou for some amazing Smallmouth fishing! Gord, Suzanne, and Mike welcomed us like family and we had a great time hanging out in the lodge at night just chatting, sharing popcorn, drinks, and fishing tips for the next day.

Here were a few highlights:
**Getting back into Clearwater and finding lakers in shallow (< 20 fow) and catching 20″+ Lakers all weekend long
**Watching ‘Bama nearly take a swim at the dock (see the picture below of how it ended…if he was 4″ shorter, he would have been wet!)
**Catching a few nice size Pike (I boated a 35″/8# and ‘Bama boated a 37″/11#)
**Making the trip to Caribou several times (one included hiking around Otter…Gord, got that motor over there yet??) and losing track of how many Smallies we caught
**Whiskey by the fire at night
**Watching Mike try to make charcoal
**Watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals with Gord & Suzanne
**Suzanne’s smoked Lake Trout (seriously…if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out)

Early Spring is a great time to visit VBL, and I’m already thinking about May 2012!

Thanks again to Gord, Suzanne, and Mike for an absolutely great week….and thanks to Perchmaster for some timely tips on going after Walleye!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be working on DVD from the trip and will try to share it when it’s done.

Tight Lines,

7 thoughts on “Last Week of May…In Pictures

  1. Glad to point out a couple of spots for you guy’s good thing Dustin was checking his messages.
    I did tell him he could find the marked lake map under Gord’s bed but guess he did not want to go there.
    Good job on the pics

  2. Nice Post. I think the “almost wet” photo needs a post of its own?

    Gord….since when did you have a motor on Otter?


  3. Thank you for posting your pictures Dustin. Andy, there is no motor on Otter, but as a person ages I think some propulsion other than me might be advantageous!

    News flash……..really big northern caught and released on Caribou lake this week…… to follow..

  4. Andy,

    I wish I more pictures of the “almost wet” scene, but I’ll get a post up to tell the story. About Otter…there isn’t a motor, but after a wind too strong to row in and a hike around the lake to the trail, we made a strong suggestion about putting something there. Either that, or next time we’re taking Gord and he can row us across!

    Gord….looking forward to the Caribou pic/story!

  5. Hi Dustin…Thanks for posting some of the details of your recent teip to VBL. I suspected that you would really enjoy the Caribou experience. I’ve been there several times now and it’s always a real adventure coupled with great fishing. Curiously, Gord has always insisted on accompanying me and my wife or Andy. Once we get to Otter, he more or less demands to row us across the lake. We let him have his way with the oars and this seems to calm him down. Just make sure you prepare a tasty lunch for Gord and he will jump at the opportunity to take you into Caribou the next time you visit VBL.

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