Late Fall 2023

This is one of the problems with waiting too long to take care of business back on the portage lakes…..

Start of the portage trail….
Clearwater Lake…….who forgot to pull the plug on this boat???
At the portage to McGregor… helper, Susanne, looking less than enthusiastic!
McGregor Lake looking quite festive….
….so is the boat! What’s an extra couple hundred pounds of snow and ice. Lift harder Susanne…..
The boats on Clearwater put to bed. Note to self: add more boards to walk on next spring. Good job Joe & Andy on getting the winch working……I hate to admit it but it was helpful getting these boats on the ramp.
Another improvement for 2024… fourstroke outboard motors for Clearwater Lake!
Another note to self: Get this done earlier next year! With the motor problem on McGregor, Caribou Lake was not possible to access. I suppose the boat and motor will spend the winter as the last person left it……hopefully you pulled the plug! Note #3: swap motors in McGregor for next spring.
Good to see some deer made it after last season’s wolf pack rampage.
Jim with what he claims to be an 8 pointer…….
One last excursion on the lake before I put the boat away. We found the walleyes……
….and a bonus musky caught on a jigging rap.

Meanwhile the boys out on Boathouse Island were having great success……..

Joe with a 53 incher…
Cal with a 52.5″….

Anyways, that’s pretty much a wrap to the season. Boats, cabins, fishhouse, etc have been closed up, winterized and put to bed till next spring. Susanne and I have retreated into our “winter mode” to recharge for 2024.

Our revamped schedule that we implemented this season worked well for us. (Sat-Sat, Wed-Wed). It does mean that we have reduced our capacity from 19 weeks down to 12 weeks. If you’re interested in getting in on one of those weeks I would love to fit you in. While many weeks are already full, we still have some weeks to offer……..give me a call!

As I write this it’s November 11th, which in Canada, and most Commonwealth countries is Remembrance Day……a time to remember our veterans …

Flying Officer Harold Bastable…R.C.A.F.

7 thoughts on “Late Fall 2023

  1. Those pretty new motors will look very nice on Clearwater. Better yet, your guests will be able to have a conversation in the boat. Moving one of those Yamahas to McGregor will also be a huge upgrade. It must have been a Joe that left the plug in the boat. Yea, let’s go with that.

    1. They will be a nice addition. As far as the boat plug, you can relax……it was someone else. I have a plan for next year to solve the problem….

  2. Zany, cold weather from ice station/ sunset country report. Like the snow and ice cold water. Spring is a few calender pages away.

  3. Well, Gord, I can only hope that you have learned your lessons about taking advantage of guests who, without hesitation, generously offered to help with the winter shutdown on the portage lakes. But, I can understand your hesitancy in knowing that Andy and I would have needed to swim over to Caribou to do so. However, we are “full service guests” who are willing to go the extra mile when called upon.You can count on us.
    And please, don’t beat yourself up on being late to the party concerning the value of a functional winch on the boat ramp. That it took six years to make this work is unfortunate, yet no one died or was seriously hurt attempting to get the boats onto the ramp. So, all’s well that ends well.

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