May 1, 2013………Ice out update…


May 1, 2013


The first of May, and it’s a balmy 29 degree F…


A seemingly short lived warming trend has disappeared, leaving this forlorn scene.  On a brighter note the creek has been opening up, providing ducks, geese and other shore birds the chance to visit us.  Unbelievable as it may seem, the forecast for next week shows a high on Tuesday of 70 degrees!  I’m not sure if I can handle the blistering heat……..

9 thoughts on “May 1, 2013………Ice out update…

  1. I go to your blog everyday for an update. Terrific job! I fish lac suel and stay @ Whitewing resort w/ Dave and Bobby

  2. Glad to see that others recognize the quality service that you do Gord, when they come to your site for fishing updates. And Doug , if you would just stop at Gords , instead of driving farther, it would be more time on the water instead of the pavement. My group went once to VBL and we now will be on our 12th year. Ten of us go, and two guys come all the way from Arizona, It just doesn’t, get any better..See you in about 5 weeks Gord, and please have a cold OV waiting for the Walleye Wizard…..he just can’t find the stuff in the desert wasteland

  3. This could be the year I get MY brother from Arizona to fish for lakers. With the way spring isn’t progressing, they may be warming themselves on the beach come June!

  4. love reading the status updates on ice out. I am going up to Eagle Lake as I always do in early June quick question what is the normal ice out for that lake or 4 that area just curious thank you

    1. Late April, early May is probably the most common ice out period, but seems anything is possible these days. I think last year was the earliest on record. Not sure what the latest is on record, but in our 20 years we’ve had the ice finally go out on an opening day. This year, who knows…… Perhaps a ‘trout-o-rama” is in the offing!

  5. The Professor and I can hardly wait for the Trout-O-Rama. We are headed to Oconto for a warm-up trip for walleyes this weekend.

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