May 2021

The start of a new season begins now!

An early season lake trout is fooled by a shallow running Rapala Husky Jerk…but eventually back to the lake with perhaps a valuable lesson learned…at least till next time!

It’s another spring without the prospect of guests in camp till possibly later this summer. We do see light at the end of this tunnel and it will likely be a shocker to all of us when things do get back to normal. In the meantime we continue with our usual preparations with an addition of more than usual personal fishing time for Susanne and I. Let’s have a look at some of what this May has been all about, shall we?

Trout on the surface!

The early season lake trout action is always enjoyable, especially when they are up cruising the shallows on Eagle as well as on Clearwater Lake. With all that has been going on we have yet to make it back across the portage trail to test our skills on Clearwater….that is for my next blog post. Overall it was a cold spring and surface temperatures remained quite cold for an extended period. What I thought was going to be the perfect window of opportunity for shallow cruising fish turned out to be more of a challenge. Perhaps too much cold water was turning them away from their usual patterns. While I was concentrating on the upper 10 feet of water, reports of fish being caught trolling the 30 foot range seemed to confirm I was missing the boat…and I sure did. While I did encounter several fish it was very spotty. A less stubborn angler might have been more flexible in his approach. Apparently that isn’t my style. Oh well, there is always next year!

Opening day for walleye…

Since this darn virus thing started last year we have suddenly been “free” to fish opening day. It was kind of like back in our early years of the camp, when things were not so busy, we often took the opportunity to head out on the lake. Seems we are full circle…

Heading out on opening day with Rick and Mary in hot pursuit.
Is it big enough?
I guess that one’s going in the cooler!
Turtle convention.
Here’s a good spot for lunch!
Good views of Blind Bay.
Beware the wolf pack prowling the ridge!
While the fish turned out to be smaller males, it made a fish fry that evening a success!

Closer to home…

Our opening adventure to Blind Bay was partially a chance to have a scenic boat ride to what can be a popular spring destination. If there were 8 boats on the lake that day, most of them showed up there at some point in time. Closer to home it’s been pretty lonely in terms of other boats and fishermen. I’m not complaining, other than my guests, I prefer it that way.

Testing out one of our evening hot spots that was on fire last spring…apparently we are too early…coming soon though!
No fish this night but the sunset is pretty! Note the forest fire smoke to the west…

Things are heating up in the shallow bays…

It seems walleye are moving way back into the bays to feed on bug larvae. We did well trolling shallow running raps in less than 6 feet of water. Water temperatures in the 60 degree range.

The right lure at the right time.
A slot fish going back.
A bonus bass in with the walleyes.

This spring we’ve also had a chance to make a few changes…

We’ve installed some nifty window awnings on cabins 7 & 8 to keep the interior cooler and to provide a bit of cover while lounging on the deck. Another addition was a deck awning on the lodge…..keeping things cool and extending right over the deck…

Awnings on cabins 7 & 8…..keeping the rain off Len’s head while he smokes his cigar!
New addition to the look of the lodge.
A cool spot to sit on a sunny day.

We also replaced some of the older floating docks this spring. While they still need some fine tuning I think they will be a good improvement…

The new docks will stop the beaver from hiding in the old foam flotation!

To wrap things up a fishing report from last evening…

Our “hot spot” from last spring has yet to produce, but we gave it a shot last evening, and things are slowly turning on…

Susanne always seems to catch the first musky of the season. This one was unhooked in the water no problem….size? Not huge, maybe 36.
She also caught the first walleye in this spot this year….and the only one. We’ll give it a few days and try again.

Bummed about the border…

I know everyone is tired of the uncertainty of when / if trips can be taken. I know I am. There’s only so many blog posts I can create with Susanne and I fishing….or is there? Perhaps a cooking segment? Dogs fly fishing?

The point is to show our guests, and remind ourselves, of what a great spot this is and why we all enjoy it so much. Does it fill the void? Probably not but let’s not be overly pessimistic. We keep hearing encouraging reports, generally followed by negative ones….that suggest some movement on reopening the border will take place in the near future. Manitoba, our neighbor to the west seems to be in a dire predicament in terms of being the highest number of cases per capita in North America right now. Seems they were less than serious up until this point. I seem to be using the word “point” a lot….but what is the point?

Bottom line is at some point (damn that word!) things will return to normal. Till then hang tight, plan accordingly and watch for the signs…

R.I.P. “Big” Dick Keller…..gone but not forgotten.

12 thoughts on “May 2021

  1. Wait….what ? It seems that Gord may have been wearing yoga pants in one of these photos. I might have influenced him in a weird way. 😝😝😝

  2. Gord,
    Thanks for the continued updates! Looking forward to being able to make the trek across the border this year.

  3. Thanks for the awning! Smoking a cigar in the rain is no fun at all! Looks like the water level is coming back up!

  4. Gord/Susanne…I simply love the “nifty” new window awnings and look forward to field testing these later this summer.

    Also, can you confirm that pillow mints will be standard in all cabins this year?

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