May 2023: VBL fishing report

“The Review”

So May has blown by and we move into June. Weather has gone from cool to hot……fishing has been “hot” as well, and there’s more to come! Here’s a photo synopsis of some of the goings on here at VBL the past few weeks. Some may even venture to say “you should have been here!”……well there’s always 2024!

Really, you should have been here! Jon Vanator with an early Eagle Lake beauty!

…but the big ones have to start out small…

Dustin perfecting the art of bass fishing…..

Back in Caribou Lake momma moose and calf are out for a swim….plenty of moose sightings this spring!

When you’re all the way back in Caribou and things go south, it’s always handy to have a football playing son to do the heavy lifting….. (things are back up to speed…..nothing that a different motor and float plane won’t fix)!

Nice 20 incher Brandon!

Guests who don’t go out fishing are put to work at VBL…….thanks John for the help!

I’ll hold the camera John while you put the augers into the lake bottom….

Phase one……..looks good.

Phase two……nothing better than moving a sauna on a hot afternoon!

Clear the deck!

Ready for some cool weather, hot sauna and an Eagle Lake dip!

Dog interlude: Jaquie “Is it dinner time yet?”

The Frame family…..a colorful group!

Mark Grohnke: Discovering his life jacket will inflate in 3 feet of water while fighting a giant smallmouth bass…..”Bass-1, Mark-0″…..but the beer was cold.

Bill Natkin with a monster northern pike…

…and some slot walleye!

Keeping the musky off your line can be a problem at this time of year!

Jigging for walleye seems to attract the musky this time of year. Greg Walker….nice musky!

Pretty exciting stuff happening in May!

Brad Amstutz with a good looking Eagle Lake bass…

…and pike!

Some new anglers getting into big fish is always fun!

Aerial view of VBL and Vermilion Bay, Eagle Lake.

So, there you have it folks. Fishing has been great. Walleye have been plentiful with fish being caught mainly shallow but some out to about 20 feet during midday. Shallow walleye have been holding to structure with jigging or casting cranks to them producing well. Trolling baits is working as well and I expect this method to heat up in June. Minnows and artificial have been both effective.

We’re looking forward to our June anglers……stay tuned for updates!

19 thoughts on “May 2023: VBL fishing report

  1. Just for the record…the “football-playing son” only carried it from Clearwater to Eagle.

    The “not football-playing old man” carried it from Caribou to Otter and Otter to High Rock…

    What a GREAT week!!

  2. Nice photos and great fishing at VBL. Gord and Susanne do a great job af making a great visit for their guest. Go fishing

  3. Gord…You’re to be commended for this post as it is very well done, and on a timely basis, too! It seems likely that forthcoming knee surgery will keep me on the DL this VBL season. I’m devastated, especially since the recent purchase of a new rod/reel for bottom-bouncing walleye has little practical value fished from my recovery couch

  4. Former Guide from Lindmeier’s North Shore Lodge on Eagle Lake,
    Good to see you are still catching a great feist on Eagle Lake. I went on to be a Kayaker and Canoeist after my stay at Eagle Lake. Also got caught up in American and Canadian Politics as a President/Consultant of Datacalc Computer Consultants Corporation, Now I reside just off of North River Road in Ottawa in a care centre for millionaires. Hope for many more great seasons…..and Electric Boat Motors….

    1. Ken, good to hear that you are in good stead and that the super guide/camp training you got from Gord during your summer on Eagle has served you well.

  5. El Gordo, it’s June now and I suspect the Perch Master is looking forward to a post of you in your leather chaps coming out of the sauna to go perch fishing? I am also thinking that perhaps the Professor would like to send his new rod with me so that he might enjoy a virtual fishing trip? I am not sure what a fair rate might be for such a trip.

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